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hi there... im freakin dying...seriously



my blood very low.
i am fuckin cold and i am fuckin sweating . yeah, i know this word is disgusting
but if i die, probably you will be the first one in knowing.

just kidding, but i feel horrible now.




follow me and talk to me, i don't bite...always, ok no 0:)

Gerard and Mikey on VMAN!

Really love this pictures but I hate that the magazine calls them "pop star"
Mychem have years of path and the magazines still define them with ridiculos styles's music.

well.... whatever.

enjoy it :)

I'm practising in Photoshop. Do you like my editions? :D here and you will see more of my work.

i want your opinion, your comments, and your advices


Oh! hello beauty people.

i come back finally.


YES! i'm boring and alone

my dad is working, my mom is working and my brother traveled to machu picchu (peru) for vacations and he is caught!
hopefully he return to chile very soon.

ok i told U so much.

now you tell me something.

ohohoho, i forget something important.

"My Chemical Romance will have a as-yet-untitled album in stores March 30. Watch for a single in the coming weeks."


why nobody can prepare me for this news with a little more of time? ¿why? @_@!

Sorry for my stupid english , i'm still learning :C

bla ble bli blo blu.

i'm in the school, freakin boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.
so... have you a notice that you want to tell me?

Hello people.

i don't really know what to say or write.
i'm so bored listening a song of Revenge of the living dead. Great band.
Really listen to them.

Do you want tell me something? a joke? a story?
i have a lot of time for you, YES!, i'm really REALLY idle.

maybe in a few hours something can enter in my mind, and then i'll write to you.

hope you'll be OK

2 november. IS MY BIRTHDAY!
. finally i'm 17 !!! one more year and i'm going to be an adult! seeU
we are the forgotten ones
or we are not? what do you think about that? i think that we are because the best concerts/bands never comes to south america and if they come the tickets are too expensive! if my english suck, sorry