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Art work of the day :)

ok, i was thinking "how pedicone would look with long hair?
and that image came in a second XD, so i just made this to show that image.

Pedicone + Ray toro's hair.

so... what do you think? LOL

Art work of the day :)

ok, i was thinking how Pedicone would look with long hair?
and that image came to my mind in a second, so just made this to show that image.

Pedicone + Ray Toro's hair.

so.. what do you think? LOL

Single Ladies

who is the REAL beyonce? uh

This is the best, bitch... (H)

wait.... frankie, what did she do to you? :C XD

I want to share this with you :) (MyChem at the 2003)

They had about 20 years I think ... so this video is a little old.

so... leave a comment with your thoughts about this video (never seen before, the owner, uploaded this two days ago..i think)

Oh! almost forget.. the audio of the video is a little bit off :C

Credits: (shared this video to us) :D

New preview of NaNaNa

I love it!
I loved the concept, colors, clothing (except for the censorship 88) love Everything!

And I loved Mikey Way better known as Karate Kid (the rude and cool guy who sees magazines with sexy girls)

Can´t wait to watch the full version!

Hello, i like to talk :)

hahahaha, I'm so bored aaaand that's not a surprise to anyone :T
a long time ago that i didn't post on this
do you have something new and funny to tell me?

OH! almost forgot...
share with me your twitter/myspace/or any other page :D

well... if you notice that my english is a shit , don't tell me 'cause i know that ><

Lv & crng ♥

Wow.. Messages of support for chile

Many artists and bands send us their message of support, that is wonderful!, I think that it is something really nice of their part. Some of them were Korn And Coldplay ... also Homero Simpson LOL.

Would be really amazing if MCR will send us a message like that, I think that Chilean fans will feel really supported. i always have thought that this little piece of the world has a very fragile relation with them.

Sincerely would be beautiful for my to see such a beautiful gesture.

Sorry for my english.
xoxo. link to helps chile

i really don't like number 4

i love the number five, specially when this number is represented in the walls of my room as someone called Bob Bryar.
i will miss you
im still asking ¿why?



today (27/02/2010) at 3:30 am a strong earthquake in my country: chile (8.6°)
i hope that everyone are healthy and safe.

please report and help if somebody needs help.

now about 300 dead persons are calculated, destroyed roads, missing people and more chaos.

im really scare, the worst things already happened..i think, but till now the replies continue

link to how help