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*pokes head out*

Hello, I, am still alive ^^

Not that anyone wondered...


*posts while in decentish mood*


Oh! So, on the bus, popular people are interacting with, me, I think they might be doing some drugs or somethin', God knows why they want to talk to an anime obsessed music loser...hmm...

If you haven't already...there's this reallly awesome anime called Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin, and its coming on Toonami this weekend in English, and you should check it out, even if you aren't into anime cause its super awesome! *startled; hides* er, but....yeah

K, thnx, bai

*curls up against wall*

Today's been a pretty bad day, in terms of getting over things. Yesterday, I started thinking about her with him again, and this morning, I woke up from a dream where we got back together, fucking sucked. I wanted to go back to sleep and hopefully resume it, but I had to get ready for school. I found the first little note she'd given to me, and as much as I wanted to rip it up and toss it, I couldn't bring myself to. I think I'm going to 'drop' it at her house, and hope she reads it...maybe she'll remember how she felt.

Boy X Boy warning! Case: Frerard.

I apologize to those who don't like this kind of thing, I just recently fell in love with the ship annnnd, well...this happened *nervous giggle*


There's a reason for the name, dear Killjoys <3 I looove to wear little ears X3 The ones I'm wearing in the picture I can't wear, they're kinda fucked up TT ^ TT

I Did A Thing.

Lookie! *extremely happy with how it came out* It's an original drawing ^^ X3 *super fucking happy*

Hey...Uh,,...*scratches head*

Hey, so...I'm a girl. Yeah. Just felt I needed to say that, since quite a few of you on here have thought I was a boy, thought I'd clear that up ^^ Hope this helps~

Building A Wall

When I was a few years younger, I never cried. I never let anything get to me. I locked everything away and shoved it all behind this big ass brick wall. But then as things progressed, I grew tired of being insulted all the time. I grew tired of holding it all in, and forgetting. And then one day, I can't remember exactly what happened or who did it, but someone broke down my wall. I think it was my father, whom, I regret to say, I hate. He's been a bully to me as long as I can remember. He's the reason the wall was put up.

And now, hard as I try, it just won't go back up.

I understand.

Post edited.

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I wish her happiness didn't kill me so much...

Now every time I see a picture, or she talks to me...all I think is " here's this beautiful, perfect creature, and she was mine, and made me forget my sadness, and made me feel wanted, and beautiful...and she's not mine anymore...I'm not hers..."
And my heart just breaks more and more.

The music can't get loud enough.

But...the one thing I promised her I wouldn't do...helps...Fuck.

Why do things have to change so much?

She found someone better, and left me for him.

School, school, school, fucking school

School takes up possibly more than 16 years of our lives. School. Ugh, they wonder why we fucking hate school so much, but won't listen to us when we say why. We want to do other things, things other than wasting 8 hours a day learning mostly stuff that we'll never use. Hm, I wonder why we hate it? Could it be we only have about two classes out of our whole schedule that we semi-enjoy? My parents yell at me for only going to school to socialize. Yeah? And? What the fuck else should I be going for? For the quality fucking education? Pfft, yeah, sure.

Fucking school.