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I'm bored...

So I'll just post pics of Mikey cause I'm honestly obsessed with him.

That wasnt me!!!!

My latest post wasnt me. Just a crazy friend form shool who doesnt understand our passion.

This is not really me. Its a friend of mine

you waisting thing your on this stupid website do something more interesting with your life

What the???

What the hell is going on with the transmissions??? They're like changing very frequently!!!!!! ANd I don't get them!!!!

I'm bored and curious.

Does anybody here write? And not MCR related stuff (even though that counts for something). Things like short stories or novels or shit like that. Are any of you who think of themselves as writers???

Yay I finally have Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge!!!!

This is how I finally got it:
I was at the mall with my grandparents (my grandpa totally loves me) so when I walked into spec's I first went to the poster area and found a paramore poster and he said he would buy it for me. And as I'm walking to the cash register I find the CD misplaced so I go to put it where it belongs and he says "Do you want it? I'll buy it for you". At first I said no to be polite but he insisted and now I have it!!!!! *Screams loudly in happiness*

I'm bored so I posted this

When Did You First Discover MCR?
Like three years ago

When Did You Start to Like MCR?
Last year

Which Was Your First Song?

Which Was Your First Album?
The Black Parade

What Was Your First Music Video?

Which Band Member's Name Did You Learn First?


Favorite Song
Helena/Ghost of You/Demolition Lovers/The Sharpest Lives/I Don't Love You

Favorite Album
Three cheers

Favorite Music Video
The Ghost Of You

Favorite Band Member
Mikey & Gerard it's a tie ;)

\\This or That//

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville/ Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Honey this

Some Mikey pics...

I just love him. And I really need to get even MORE pictures of him.

Here's some fan art I made with my friend
Don't you just love them?

Yeah lame blog but I just felt like posting pictures.