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I totally laughed like a crazy girl with this pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey Pics XD

Isn't Mikey awesome?? I just felt like posting some pics of Mikey because lately I've been posting a lot of pics of Gee. And the truth is I have no preference when it comes to the Way brothers. I mean I always TRY to chose but never can *sighs* Does this happen to you??? And again aren't these awesome pics of Mikey???? XD


I just hear I'm Not Okay on the radio!!!!! And believe that is a miracle cause I live in Puerto Rico and they NEVER put any songs of MCR on the radio.
On other thought I just bough a Rolling Stones magazine cause it had an article of MCR *sighs* Why do I have to love them so much??? They are making spend too much money -.- But I still love them XD
PS. I think you're weird too Gee XD

Random pics of Gee

I like totally laughed out loud when I saw the last pic. Okay I'm laughing right now. In the second one he looks kinda weird. And the first one well...isn't he the hottest vampire you've seen in your life?


Why does Gerard have to be so fucking hot?? It's honestly not fair...if only half the male population were at least half as hot as him *sighs*

Random blog :)

First picture: Everybody scream for the picture!!!!
Mikey(well if the guy in the hoodies is mikey): Ray let me go now!
Ray: *screams for the pic*

Second picture: Okay this is just a random pic and look at Gee XD

Third picture: Doesn't Gee look hot in this pic??? I sure tdo think he looks hot XD


I just killed a whole hour looking and downloading pictures of Paramore and My Chemical Romance. Yeah I had nothing else to do and I'm really not even supposed to be using the computer but I was bored with nothing else to do. =P


Today was the first time I read Frerard I know Im late...But I read one its so cute!!! Has anyone heard this word Assholepervertedgayman! Frank screamed that at Gerard. But the frerard I read doesn't have any explicit scenes its just cute and funny! XD
I never thought Id like it but I chose it cute & adorable on purpose.