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I feel like it's been an eternity since the last time I posted anything here. Well lately that's all I've been saying, that I haven't been on here for a while.

Gosh I just wish I could buy MCR's new stuff and that I could spend more time here like I used to but sadly its not going to happen :/


Long time no see. Been busy lately doing nothing XD But then again there hasn't been much going on here. How are all you guys doing? Are you guys as excited as I am over The Perks of Being a Wallflower?


Its been a while since I posted something here. I've been super busy lately. School. Reading. Writing. Shit. And then there's the fact that I didn't know what to write here. And I just wanted to say I LOVE this picture of Mikey :D


I haven't posted something here in like forever. But I've been busy with school, tumblr, reading and writing. And believe me when I say the pressure to writer is big. Well Merry Christmas! :D


your favorite color
[ ] Red = loud
[ ] Green = stupid
[ ] None = freaky
[ ] Fuzzy = gorgeous
[ ] Yellow = innocent
[x] Purple = a little too happy
[ ] Black = emo
[ ] Stripes = funny
[ ] Gray = skanky
[ ] Pink = preppy
[ ] Light blue = sweaty
[ ] Other = hot
[ ]White = sexy
What kind of pants are you wearing?
[ ] Shorts = cutie
[ ]Skirt/short shorts = skank
[ ]Corduroy = faggot homosexual
[ ]Tight jeans = scene kid
[ ]Ripped jeans = emo
[ ]Cammo = cage fighter
[x]Jeans = prep
[ ]PJs = pimp
[ ]Cargo = clown
[ ]Sweats = athlete
[ ]Boxers = brat
[ ]Booty shorts = female
[]Capris = Gangster


I haven't posted anything here for like two moths!! I'v just been busy obsessing over Harry Potter and being sad cause its over. But I just decided to make this random post just to say I wrote something. :)

Just pics...
Haven't posted anything in a while....
Random funny pictures
Happy Birthday Gerard!!!!!!!!! :D