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NataliaNavarrete's blog

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Im going to the SPRINGFEVERTOUR!<3

This is the best damn and exciting thing that is happening in my life, this is my first concert, i wish with my heart that i wont be the last one, OMG!! i cant wait!, this is kdsjklasjdkl my feelings alksjdkj i just cant believe im gonna see 4 (all time low, ptv, you me at six, mayday parade) of my favorite bands ever!, such a shame its not a mcr's concert, but omgg im in love with this bands as much as with mcr:D!<3
If im lucky i will meet them after the concert<3 omg! aksjdlaksj what will i say?!?! i need to practice to not die right in front of them o.o asjdaskjh

Paperman is the cutest short i've ever seen

Srsly, it's the best damn thing that disney has done in a long time, its just so cute aksjdlaskdj why cant this happen to me?


So this year... there's a new boy in my class, and yup he's one of my best friends :D he is sooo me! its idk .. CRAZY and he's just so cute:3! and he plays guitar! and likes the music i like:D! and he is so different to all the guys in my school ..akdjfkljklfj i can't kasldkjklfl there are only two big problems.. he still loving his ex fucking girlfriend.... (ughh-.- that btich) and.... he has NEVER heard to My Chemical Romance... D:! but i can solve that problem:B

aksjdklasjd i really hope he forgets about that btich...D:


I was in my laptop listening Famous Last Words and my babeee puppy (thats his name) began to move his tail o.o


Okay.. I just went to the park with one of my best friends and we were talking about Green Days's yesterdays concert and i was like ''i would loved to goD:'' and she said '' i know, me too'' ME TOO?!, NO YOU DON'T ! she don't even like punk! she has heard as much 2 songs of them-.- im going mad
bitch please...

14 days until i go back to school .... damn!

I dont wanna go to school and spend 5 hours of my day with this cunts -.-! i mean.. i dont fit with those girls at my class, they're plastic.. and wacky i just .. hate my generation-.-

I hate people:|

I dont wanna live in this planet anymore... okay that was so dramatic but ajhdashdk D:! in my classroom no one of these bitches likes good music! the girls are all listening to justin bieber or big time rush and that shit, and now everybody likes one direction! what the fuck! my generation is shit, horrible, i hate it. And worse! people dont like my chemical romance or green day .l. only one guy but.. he's kinda weird and stalker.. x)

I need to meet more people who likes rock..

I need an ipod so i could listen to MCR all day:(

I have a problem... my laptop! is dyingD:!! and i cant watch videos on youtube or listening music on itunes or anything else because my laptop is gay:c. and that means... I CANT LISTEN TO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!D: all my music is here;c i have another way to listen it... on my mp3 (cause i dont have an ipod-.-) but guess what? my headphones died!D: and my brother dont want me to use his headphones!D: so the only thing tht i can do is.. eat:D but that isnt a problem.. i love food more tha i love people:B but the thing is... i need a fuckin ipod:C... or headphones-.-

my laptop is gaaaay:(

Why do I love My Chemical Romance?

People sometimes ask me "why so obsessed with MCR?" and im like "what the fuck is wrong with you!" people now like stuff like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj.. i mean they're not bad its just not my type of music.
So why do i love MCR? the most important.. They're music is fuckin' awesome! and to me every song has a special meaning, they are incredible awesome and they dont care about the haters;)
So to all of the people that say that MCR are "just another band that will be forgotten" you're not even a half of what they are.. so fuck you;)

love xx

Welcome to the Black Parade:)

Hi! my name is Natalia, I love MyChemicalRomance so much!
They are one of my favorite bands, and one of the best singers ever!
I've never went to a concert of MCR, but i hope to go someday:)
I have others favorite bands like Green day, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The Beatles, Oasis, Guns N' Roses, Plain White T's.. and more:)

Billie Joe and GerardWay are .. like my life! i love them so much! i think they're one of the best singers in the world.. they are a big inspiration to me.