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Gotta love teenage girl hormones.

I'm rping with one of my friends, and I cried. Like a baby.

I need professional help, me thinks.

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

I'm getting better at digital art!

I'm gunna include the picture.

Practicing with bases, pretty much. Gotta get a tablet so I can do even more epic things.

Tell me what you think!

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static


I don't understand why I'm in a good mood today. Could it be the Ny Quil that hasn't worn off yet?

ANYWAY. I was on Tumblr, like I always am, and I found some epic pictures of Bob! :D

Bob doesn't have many good pictures, so these were very welcome.

Anyone know where I could find moar?

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

Sometimes I really hate them...

My parents are so... gross. Dumb. Ignorant.

Anyone want to save me from Hell?

It'd be appreciated.

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

Spiders [An MCR fanfiction]

Frank sighed, picking up the dirty clothes that were scattered throughout the My Chemical Romance tour bus. While the clothes belonged to all the members, the majority of them belonged to one specific person.

Gerard Way.

The short guitarist sighed. While cleaning wasn't his favorite thing to do, he'd gladly pick up after the man he spent so much time with. And it wasn't like anyone else was going to do it, not like he could ask anyway, since he was alone. If it wasn't for Frank, the tour bus would be full of garbage and probably other vermin like rats.

With the condition of the bus now, Frank

Repo's Tumblr Adventures, part 1

Well, here I am with my first installment of Repo's Tumblr Adventures! :D

I've been Tumbling, and I was amazed at the epicness of the pictures I found there. [I've saved about twenty BILLION, by the way.]

Chemmy is trying to get me to write, but I'ma stall just a bit longer.

See if I can find any Bobert.


My name is Repo, and I'm a Bob Bryar addict. :D

Make some noise, Killjoys!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static


The title SHOULD have grabbed your attention. If not... FAQ.


I think Chem is ready to kill me. I've been procrastinating since this morning. ;~; I like to write, but I also love distracting myself. D:

Still no iPod. ._.

And I still wanna know who slipped the drugs in my drink this morning. ;~; I still have the urge to run my forehead into a pole.

That's it for now!

We'll carry on!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

[PS. Chemical Static says 'HAI! :3']

Well hello!

I can't believe I lost my iPod. ._. I'm so sadful! I have people to text on there, my music, and that's how I sneak on after 2 AM. ;~; Any ideas where it could be?

I think I have a severe case of stupidity.... I've wanted nothing more than to run into a pole since I woke up this morning... Okay, which one of you drugged my tea?

Make some noise, Killjoys!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

I thought we'd dealt with this already...

But apparently not.

What do I do now?

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

Just chillin', yo.

Well, if anyone wants to know why I randomly died yesterday, I'm not at home. :D

I'm hanging out with my buddy, Chemical Static, yo. Don't diss. :)

Not like any of you really would. :P

She's making me write. ;~; I try to procrastinate so bad, but she won't have any of that. She like... whips me with a wet noodle if I get distracted. D:

Make some noise, Killjoys!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static