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Gerard Fucking Way is one of the biggest inspirations in my life...

After my Tumblr dash got spammed, I realize... Gerard is right. About life. About people.

I never want to get that down again. And maybe now, I won't.

We'll carry on!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static


It'd be foolish of me to give up that easily...

It'd be so unlike me...

I'm in a dark place, no doubt...

But I can get through this.

I can do this.

Someone please help me...

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static
Your faith walks on broken glass...

The beat of my broken heart...

After I went offline last night, I realized that I can't be alone, that there are other people like me.

But why do I feel like there is no one to understand?

I can't fight this fight... I've already lost... And I'm prepared for what happens...

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static
Don't let me fall without saying good-bye...

For your own health...

I'm going under, with no possible way for me to resurface.

I'm just a little failure, sitting in the corner of oblivion.

I just need to finally fade, so that I can finally be at peace.

Please... Whatever you do... Just let me finally find my peace...

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static
Just don't hold me as I let go...

Best. Night Conversations. Ever.

Me and Gee [who is on here :D] have some of the best conversations when we're both tired, but we can't sleep.

So, here's some of the crazy ideas we've come up with, which I'm going to animate in the near future when I get my tablet:

-Nyan Mikey
-Nyan Bob
-Frankie beating up Bob with a suitcase
-Frankie hunting a tofu sandwich

That's it for now. XD These are gunna be so much fun to animate, I just know it!

Look alive, sunshine!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

Listen up, Killjoys!

Well, aside from some stress, I'm doing really well. The kittens are all beautiful and healthy. I've named the one I'm gunna keep Ouija, and one of them is named Boba, since it looks exactly like it's father. The third one is unnamed, but I'm calling it Leedle. XD

Anyway, to the main reason I've even come on here to blog... I've been thinking [which usually isn't a good thing]... I think about suicide all the time. I know a lot of people do. But something in the back of my mind always tells me no. That suicide won't help anything.

All hail all hail!

I dunno what the title is all about. ._.

Anyway, uhm....

I really want to go to a live show. Never been to one before.

I wish I could. D:

We'll carry on!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static

I can't believe it...

I just can't.

I want to be friends. Why don't you get that?

I'll miss you... You're one of the greatest people in my life...

I can't cry now... I can't...

Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.

Everything will be all right soon... Won't it?

I wish I knew...

~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static


And pictures WILL be taken and put up soon, but my mom has the camera. ^.^'

Anyway, one of them looks like the father [who ran away], so boy/girl, I don't care. It's name is Boba Fett. I miss that cat. ;~;

I feel silly for the other two names.

Leedle and Ouija. XD

Any help for those two? Though I think Ouija is cute... Leedle's so silly. x3

Look alive, sunshine!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static


My cat's giving birth!

I'm supposed to be helping, but I just thought I'd share the news.

Kittens! :D

You'd think after watching my cats give birth six times, I wouldn't be interested, but I get so excited EVERY time.

Gotta run!

Look alive, sunshine!
~Repo Lebolonov/Toxic Static