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And in this moment, we can't close the lids on burning eyes.

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11:48 am- I'm not sure where to begin this, nor do I have any clue where it will take me or how long it will be (it certainly won't be short). I don't know if I'll be able to write it all in one sitting or if I'll have to stop and start again. So I'm just going to go with it, and review the end-product, and try to establish whether or not it will make sense to anyone other than myself. At the very least, I want it to make sense to my fellow fans.

The big event I mentioned in my previous post is something I don't even want to type out,

Other Music Blogs/Sites?

Who here has other music blogs/profiles?

I have an Attack Attack! one so far, in addition to this...

Post yours here! :D

Happy (belated) Holidays!

Happy holidays to all our fellow killjoys! And to the guys, themselves!!

I love the sense of community that comes with being a MCR fan... you're all wonderful. Stay loud and stay dirty. <3