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Mindless Self Indulgence Concert

Hey, I am sorry for posting it here, but I think on this website I can trust everyone :)
So, I am looking for people who live in Australia/ Sydney and want to go to the Mindless self indulgence concert at the Hi-Fi on the 28th of Feb. I just found out that they have this concert next week and I really want to see them live ( I am a big fan of Lyn-Z), but I have been in sydney since one month, so i dont know anyone who would go with me to this concert. So, I am asking you now, if you want to go there! And I hope someone will answer..

Happy birthday Frank and have a thrilling Halloween ;D
Happy birthday RAY =)
I'm searching another killjoy!

Is anyone on this site from Austria/Vienna? I really want to meet a person who is such a MyChem fan like me! So please if you are from Vienna, write me a message :-)

watch it ;)

Today I'm going to watch the amazing spiderman directed by marc webb, who also directed the music videos I dont love you, Im not okay,helena... So this movie must be amazing :D

dunno what to do

I dont know whats wrong with me, but its not easy for me to make friends. But i need some, i feel very lonely. Some people say on the outside i looked like im arrogant, but im not. Im just not that person who has always a smile on her face.

Happy Birthday Gerard!!

You made me to love rock music and comics, you showed me that there is something for what it is worth to live and you helped me to get through hard situations. Thx! I really wish you a happy Birthday :DD !!