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THE END of something so great

Ok, im a little angry now cuz i wrote his whole big great emeotional thing and now it's deleted. Anyway here it goes. I truly hope it's not to late to say goodbye.I guess it took me this long to organize and salvage my thoughts into something i want to be heartfelt and honest. (caution, im NOT a star writer like some of u guys) I've been reading these beautiful things u wonderful, dedicated people have wrote. I didin't join the Mychemicalromance community until late last night a little after the terrible news hit me. I wish i had joined a long time ago, maybe i was scared, whatever. I wish i could've been apart of this big, beautiful family before.

My chemical romance, they had embroidered themselves into our hearts and now they torn themselves out with a double edged knife. We've been indulged in the lovely fantasy world they made for us that now is coming to a halting stop. The artists that hit me ever so emotionally and sunk into my heart, made me feel happy and like i was part of something great. The artists that got us out of our dark voids we fell into.