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mychemromanceluver20's blog

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Why am I like this
I smile to make it seem like I'm okay
When I cry my self to sleep
I don't like a lot of people
But when I do I trust
And when I trust I have more pain
Then there are the people who haven't
Fucked me over
My friends
And more
But still
They don't know
I'm fucked up
I have mental problems
I have anger problems
Trust problems
For the times I cry are for when that moment happened
In that room
That dark room
Where my childhood was taken
My happiness gone
My everything done
Then my mom
Oh my mom
So werery
My dad
Oh my dad
So angry all the time
Then my little brother
Oh my

Lol I'm in line for lunch

Lol I'm in line with my bestie Emily lol she is behind the fin hat she didn't want to take that pic but whatever

i almost died

okay now thats ur reeading i need to talk to people from here becuz im so bored at night if u want u can msg me and we can text ill give u my # lol bye thoee

happy halloween

hey peoples its faythe now i have internet at school and because im an aid i get the real internet not the fake school one! im so happy i get ti blog again i have so much to say and do so to everyone im baaaack (said in creppy horror voice) oh and i almost forgot im freddie tonight

so long & goodnight (for now)

Hey its mychemromanceluver20 and this is going to be my last blog for a while so if you comment and message me or add me and I get back to you I’m soo sorry I love u all and will miss everyone in the MCRmy that I talk too so I might as while take the time to thank everyone who has helped me with the things I don’t understand and I need to vent and talk about my dreams and how im afraid of 8th grade and how todeal with ppl thank you all
With love always Faythe Lopez

my creppy dream

so im not sure what this means but i had a dream of my ex lets call him white ninja (his nickname) and this was like years from now and we were laying down next to each other and he looked me in the eyes with his beautiful blue eyes and asked me if i moved on, i said i did i had a boyfriend after him but when he came back i dumped him and we got back together. he then said "faythe will u love me in the morning?" i said "why would i white ninja forever babe" then he kissed me... i woke up after... what does this mean??? help!

yes ik this is werid...

so like the title said this is werid i am so bored and loney i have nothing to do so if u wanna add me or msg me thts ok yes this is my life :P (yes i know the picture has nothing to do with my blog i just like the anime :3 :P C: SOUL EATERS!!!!)

um..... so a lil info on me

So this is just for a little infomation about me. My name is Faythe Alexandra Lopez i have two brothers and one sister. I like rock music. My favorite band ever is My Chemical Romance, and Paramore. I have a Youtube account. I love Gerard Way. I'm 12 years old and i think that is enough info if u would like to ask me questions and would like two answer them just msg me or comment blow tknx for your time XD XP CX love ya
with love always mychemromanceluver20

the un-happyest place on earth with the WORST, MOST DISCPICAL PEOPLE

So every one knows what disney land is, my cousin Mitchell is disabled he has cireable paulsy (i think that is how u spell it if i dont then its also called CP) but he cant walk, talk, or do anything by himself so there are perficly fine people who were running, jumping and even walking up saying they need to have a pass to go though thr disabily line. Its when u get a pass and u give them how many people are with u so u can get in faster. Teenagers are getting in and my fsmily has to go in the regular line.

so i found the kilkjoy game

omg i found the killjoy game and made up my killjoy ID
killjoy ID:radioactive poison
first song:mama (house of blues)
killjoysong: nanana
killjoy saying: if i die tonight i will stay till the end
killjoy colors: black, dark red, dark purple
killjoys symbol: dark red radioactive symbol with dark purple and black posion pill
satus: protecting zone 2 wating for the killjoys
so look up the game and make ur ID omg i love it but i keep dying as mikey but i think that u should play the game at the end u play gerard way!!! omg he so sexi