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Today, I Watched a Very Bad Man Go To Jail.

My sisters boy friend has been threatening to kill my family and burn down our house, and kill us in our sleep. He's destroyed the sanity and disrupted my family for the last time because finally...justice was served and he's currently sitting in a jail cell awaiting his demise. We finally don't have to live in fear anymore. It's like the sky has opened up and a beautiful presence has fallen over our home. Tonight, for the first time in a very long time, I can sleep in peace :)


Tonight has been crazy, I signed SO many pictures! It was amazing. People were showing up to the party having already heard of me, and wanted my signature. It was amazing, Realizing you have a fan base was actually incredible. So, thank you to my fans!!! Amazing things are coming your way! THANK YOU!

1st in Line at the Toronto Show!

Hell yeah, I had such an epically FREEZING cold, but FUN time waiting in line for MCR! I met some kick ass new friends who helped me not to freeze to death and were my saving graces. The security guards at the Sound Academy were awesome too. This one dude bought me a coffee and some other guy let me borrow his jacket, it was awesome! All ending INCREDIBLY with MCR tearing our faces off at the most intense MCR concert I've ever been to in my life. I was kicked SO may times in the head by people getting pulled from the pit.

Happy Holiday From Rayzilla!

When your bored and have nothing better to do with your time...these things happen. I actually did this on my lunch break from work a few days ago. Happy Holidays My Chem style!

John Lennon Sketch.

I did this illustration quite awhile ago. Just posting it now because December always reminds me of John Lennon, for what other reason than the anniversary of his death. It's the artists of today that keep the artists of yesterday alive. Hope you guys like it!

The Buddha Print

My Chem(Gerard especially) has really gotten me into pop art. This is "The Buddha" print roughly inspired by MCRs newer artwork. Took a LOT of time and effort because this kind of art really goes outside of my comfort zone...I do think it turned out pretty great! What'd you guys think?

Note: This is only a digital copy, the actual print is on 4 separate canvas pieces, to be hung in the manner you see in the picture.

Hair Cut...Pillar-Box Red

Literally, the past month has been spent trying to actually get my hair red and have it stay that colour. I can't find anything permanent and it's cramping my style intensely. Finally got my red killjoy hair though, so I can't complain! Who else is CRANKING danger days every single day of their lives?! ...I know I am.

Toronto Show Anyone? Who's Going!?!

Just wondering how many of you shiny ol' killjoys are going to the Toronto concert. I'm really excited and am staying in Toronto from the 15th to the 18th doing tons of touristy stuff[even though I've been there MANY times before]. Anyone going really early or anything...I really look forward to seeing you all there. Toronto just posted a severe cold weather warning, so if Frank thought NYC was cold, welcome to the great white north buddy!!!

The Na Na Na CD Single!

The NA NA NA Single is awesome!!! It's awesome having Zero Percent not only on CD, but in my itunes library as well!!! CANNOT stop listening to it.

You Know What You Guys Should Do Today?!?

Pre-Order my book :) It's a free pre-order and you can opt out before next Spring if you decide not to pick up a copy. It's called "Our Everyday Li[v]es Include Coffee" and is a graphic portfolio of some of my best work. Here's the synopsis...

Read best with time and caffeine, this portfolio is an examination of the modern age. Through sharp and brilliant illustrations to cool and collective jabs at the idealism's of current culture. Continuously using coffee as a metaphor for our addictive modern age habits.