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MCR Trans Am Update: 1 [Of Many]

So, since tons of you have asked me to keep you posted about how my Trans Am model is going, I will. :) Still waiting for the damn thing to come in the mail, but I got all the paints and printed out the mouse head(x2), zonerunner, WKIL radio, and clown decals. I just ordered the black "Widow" MCR decal from eBay too. Update 1: Complete :)

Gathering My MCR Trans Am Accessories!

After just recently buying a model Trans Am(I'm re-creating the Trans Am from the MCR music vids), I'm about to take the car for a boot to my local hobby shop and pick up everything I need for the paint job. I even scaled down all the images like the "mouse head" and "WKIL radio" so I can make them into decals! Painting this Trans Am is going to be SO FUN!!! I'll post many pictures when I'm done the model!

I Rocked Gerard Hair on National Television!

For for Christmas I took my mom to see her favourite TV Decorating show called "Steven and Chris"...and WE ACTUALLY SAW OURSELVES ON TV WHEN THE EPISODE AIRED! But, they were asking us sex questions. Yup, the most awkward moment I've ever had with my mom was caught on TV and aired to half of North America. The screen shot sucks(but thats cause the CBC player sucks)...I'm the kid with the bright red Gerard hair! Rock on guys!


The hunt for a 1979 Firebird Trans Am like the one in the new MCR music videos has finally been found. I've been trying to find one for weeks now but alas there is a god! I can't wait until I get this beauty in the mail, next weekend is going to be awesome painting, designing and building the Trans Am from the videos. CANNOT WAIT!

Suffering From Night Terrors.

Yup, for absolutely no reason, the second it hit 2011 I started suffering from night terrors. So tonight I'm not sleeping, it's only 1:51am here in Canada but every single time I sleep I'm forced to watch my family and friends get horribly slaughtered. It's a crazy feeling going to hell every single night. So tonight, FUCK YOU DREAMS - I'M STAYING UP!

One Very Magical MCR Memory.

Looking back on the Toronto show, I have one very magical memory to share. During SING, I waited for Mike Pedicone to look my way...I pointed at him and gave him two thumbs up(I couldn't scream anything, the crowd was deafening). He points at me with his drum stick and smiles, then ROCKS right the fuck out. It was amazing. It was my way of accepting him into the live shows and showing him "Hey, your new to the band but your fucking awesome in my books bud, ROCK ON!" ...I'll never forget that.

Got A New MCR Shirt!

Very excited about this. I was editing my art and doing some work all day in my kitchen, just listening to MCR and working my ass off the only way I know how, My chem style! Rock on soldiers!

Thank You John Miceli For Bringing Drums To Danger Days.

This may be random, but I just wanted to bring a little tid bit of information to everyone's attention. The real props for drums on Danger Days should go out to John Miceli, the performing artist for drums on the album. Although Bob wrote drums for Na Na Na, Bulletproof Heart, The Only Hope for Me is You, Party Poison and Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back, it was ultimately John who sat behind the drum kit and recorded what you hear playing back on the album. So THREE CHEERS to John, and thanks for the killer drums on Danger Days!


Apple Logo: Contaminated!

My MCR Decal came in the mail today with some shirts. I'm very pleased with the results after slapping it on my 15'' MacBook Pro! Love the new look for my new computer :D This means Apple has been officially CONTAMINATED!

My Chemical Romance, Now With 50% More Chemicals!

Consult your physician before taking My Chemical Romance.Symptoms include: Unexpected Draculoid attacks, being cooler than all your other friends who don't like the band, and heartburn. My Chemical Romance is not for woman who are breast feeding, or stupid. For best results, listen daily. If your on other medications and don't know if you should be taking My Chemical Romance, you suck. MCR rocks!