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Important Note For Those Who Bought DD: Cali 2019 Edition Box Set.

SO many people have been saying "let's petition to have them release the box set" or "when is the box set coming out" or..."has anyone received the box set yet." Simply put, WAIT FOR IT! I emailed Warner Bros customer support and they said[and I quote]

"...due to the original manufacturing issues with the box sets, Warner Brothers has no official plans to release the sets to the general public at this time. Those who have pre-ordered the Danger Days: California 2019 Edition have been sent an email out lining that it will take until at least mid-February to send them their completed sets.

Franks New Hair. Calm Down People.

Seriously, it's just hair. Funny picture though! :)

My Cat's LOVE MCR!!!

Na Na Na was playing on TV and my cats started watching it!!! I have the coolest cats in the WORLD!

Gerrard Way In Toronto!!!

No, I didn't spell it wrong. In Canada, some of our side streets are called "Ways" and there's a street in Toronto called Gerrard Street. The coolest part about it, is that there is indeed a Gerrard Way in Toronto. I've snapped a picture of it on my cell phone, but don't have a cable to get it to my MacBook. So, I found this picture on Google Maps :) Still trying to find the picture of the AMAZING street sign that says Gerrard Way :D

MCR Trans Am Update 4: Go Big Or Go Home

So, tomorrow I've decided that if the eBay buyer doesn't get back to me. I'm buying this model. Not from eBay, but from a friend of my fathers, which is great because I don't have to wait for it to be shipped. I just wanted to point out the scale of this model. It's 1/16, meaning the finished Trans Am will be over than a 12 inches long. Probably longer! So I'll really be able to get all the nitty gritty details in place. Very excited for this one :)

MCR Trans Am Update 3: Don't Trust eBay

As the title says, don't trust a seller on eBay farther than you can throw them. I called the guy about the model[after paying for it over 5 days ago] and he's still just ignoring me. So, I quickly pulled out a backup plan. If I don't get the one model on eBay I'll be getting THIS one [included in the pictures]. Same build, different company and scale. I also got really bored yesterday after work and tested out all my paints, they're stunning.

Thank You, I Love The MCRmy.

I really do. Thanks to everyone who came to the debate about vegetarianism[the holocaust thing] with GUNS A BLAZIN' ...we attacked each other, we fought with each other, and at times we even insulted each other. But we're all here for one reason. We're MCR fans. Fans of an amazing band that lets us have this awesome site in which to even start debates. Rock on dudes! Rock on!!!

PS. I promise I'll keep things MCR related for now on, I really didn't mean to offend...and you guys deserve more than some jackass you've never seen before comparing you all to Nazis :)

The Holocaust Statement.

I partially just wanted to say sorry if I offended anyone. For the record, the moral fact anyone eats meat offends me. So we're even. All I wanted to do was to get you guys to think, whether it pisses you off or you agree. Just use your head...after all, this is a place for fans to share thoughts, morals, ideas and concepts. Thanks to everyone who commented. I love you all. Stirring the pot a bit can always be a healthy thing. We may disagree, but we're the MCRmy and together we can take on the world :)

PS. If your wondering, WTF is this kid talking about, just check out my previous blog.

The Holocaust Wasn't That Bad...

Yup, the title of this could be considered a very crude statement. But, this is where your meat comes from. Every day hundreds of pigs are slaughtered and piled high exactly like that of the Holocaust. Somehow people think it's okay to eat meat but think Hitler was a horrible person. If you eat meat, your NO better than he was. If you eat meat, you support the same filthy, disgusting morals as Nazis. Meet your meat.

MCR Trans Am Update 2: Vaya

So, since I have quite the hefty collection of reference pictures to properly paint this model I was wondering...DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT "VAYA" means? I'm painting it on the model regardless, but I'm clueless as to what the hell it stands for?