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MCR Trans Am Update 5: It BEGINS!

So, I got the Trans Am model in the mail about a week ago and in my very little spare time have been painting the body of it. I almost have one entire side done! The challenge is trying to make it look worn and old without making it look like I used paint to age it. I've been taking paint thinner and thinning the model's body and scratching the body with a pin and that seems to be working really well! More updates at the end of the day :D

iPad 2 ! ! !

So this wait for the iPad 2 is killing me FAR more than waiting for the ray guns! I sold my iPad late last year so I could update it THIS year with its predecessor. Apple follows a strict product plan to refresh the product every April and announce what it looks like in early February! ...and this wait is killing me!!!! I want an iPad 2 so fucking badly, I'll totally be buying one the day it comes out!


Well, my room is overflowing with art so I'm making our spare room an art studio. I recently purchased one but instead of paying rent at a separate studio I thought I'd save some cash and keep things close to home. With 1 soon to be published book coming out in the summer called "Our Everyday Li[v]es Include Coffee," a graphic novel in the rough stages and a 10 piece art deal...I'm very excited to get my own art space!!!

Anyone Buy Better Living Industries Merch?

Has any bough anything from the better living industries site? I haven't heard of or seen a single fan wearing a shirt, or even sporting a coffee mug! Just wondering if any of you killjoys have invested in some monochromatic merch? If so, upload a photo, post a blog! Let's see that Better Living Merch!!!

Ralph: June 1998 - January 2011. Rest in Peace.

My cat past away. It's such a terrible blow because she has been sleeping in my bed with me from the age of 8, and now she's gone. She was the greatest cat ever and no other animal in the my entire life can ever replace her. I really miss her and my bed has become an empty shell without her in it. I fuckin' love you Ralphy. And miss you SO much. Rest in peace you beautiful, amazing, incredible, wonderful kitty.

Fan Fiction Is Complete Bull Shit.

STOP making Gerard and Frank kiss, or sleep together or any of that other gay shit. Frerard has been dead for a LONG time and both of them have babies [not with each other mind you]'s sick, it's annoying and what kind of fan group wants their favourite band members to fuck each other? If your going to make a story, make your own god damn characters, and if your incapable of that, then piss off and post it on some fag site. Grow the fuck up already. Seriously.

Just Ordered a Bli Tee!!! :)

Am I joining the dark side and siding with the bad guys, I really excited that MCR's actually selling Bli Tee's, YUP :D Can't wait till my order arrives next week!

Thank you GERARD WAY!

...for getting me addicted to Gerard has posted in the past that he gets a few shirts from this site, and the Dr.Death costume was inspired by the super soul shirt on this site as well. I started poking around, and I'm totally addicted to their merch. I just ordered 2 shirts, CAN'T WAIT till they come in the mail. Thanks a lot GERARD, now I'm gunna be broke.

Just Finished Watching "Watchmen" !!!

I love this movie. I finally [after almost 2 years] bought it in HD and just finished watching the directors cut! It's sweet, it has such a powerful message associated to it and the world of the Watchmen is so immersive! I'm happy the director stuck to the graphic novel 99% of the time and of course, the kick ass credits with Desolation Row playing tops off a fantastic movie. I'd have to say that's it BY FAR my favourite movie! All 3½ hours of it :)

Vegetarians - 1 | Meat Eaters - 0

I made my meat eating family tacos for dinner tonight. Instead of using ground beef, I used rehydrated vegetarian chilli mix and seasoned it with some spices to taste like actual meat. My family thought it tasted absolutely delicious and I got compliments all around...Then I told them it was vegetarian, THEY WERE SO SHOCKED! They all said they couldn't taste a difference. And it was 70% less fat, had more protein and calcium and was over all way healthier than meat. Just another reason why killing an animal for meat is POINTLESS! :)