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2 Years :)

I've been on the MCR site now and actively blogging for 2 years and 4 days! That's wicked, many memories have happened on here and I'm sure there will be many more to come. Peace MCRmy. :)

The iPad 2!!!!

Finally, the iPad came out today and is in stores on March 25th where I live. I'm going to camp outside the Apple Store the day before so that I'm first in line. Cannot wait to load this puppy up with MCR pictures and music!!! This is the best day ever!!!!

You Know Your At A Party With MCR Fans When...

You get really drunk and then wake up the next morning with "Keep Running" in permanent marker on your neck, many many "Na Na Na's" on your arm and the lyrics to The Black Dragon Fighting Society" on your other arm. Yeah...I had a pretty fuckin' awesome night.

iPad 2 on March 2nd!!!!

I'm more excited for this, then I am for my two Cali 2019 box sets to arrive! Seriously...CANNOT WAIT!

Sing on Glee...WTF?

I could care less about the annoying performance of the song, I couldn't get passed the fact that they were all dressed like lumberjacks? I seriously could barley hear the song over my own laughter.

I Am One Very Happy Killjoy!

Today I created a conceptual design for an iPhone nano Apple is expected to release this summer. My design was picked by as "The Best iPhone Nano Mockup So Far." A second website has also congratulated me on the stellar conceptual design! I am one very happy killjoy!

PS. NYT Best Selling Author "Leander Kahney" has also stated that it's the best iPhone nano concept yet!

Audition: Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us.

Whether you killjoys knew this or not. But MCR's music video for Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us is actually just made up of scenes from the 1999 Foreign Thriller named "Audition." Just thought I would point that out, I was just about to watch the movie :)

Better Living Industries Shirt!

Finally got the shirt in the mail, sorry the picture is backwards. So happy right now!

PS. Please refrain from shooting me with your ray guns, because I'm supporting Better Living Industries, thank you. :)

Officially The Coolest Lamp Ever!

In my random internetting I came across this AMAZING lamp by Gabriel Ross. Too bad it's $1200, or I would be buying one this very second. A man can dream though...a man can dream.

Going From Canada To Denmark for MCR!!!

Yup, if I can afford the flight costs by March, I'm going to be going to Denmark[I live in Ontario, Canada] to stay with my relatives and see MCR in Copenhagan!!! Which would be totally amazing!!! Can't wait to crunch some numbers and see if I can do this...wish me luck.