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Like a bullet through a flock of doves...
Due to my love of Coffee and My Chemical Romance, I'm throwing together a few sketches for what an amazing tattoo idea would be. I have a coffee cup with MCR on the handle, but arn't sure what else I should add to the drawing. But it's going to be my first tattoo. I would have MANY if my mom didn't hate them so much. If this tat won't be my first. then i'll brush off the dust off an old picture I made of 5 doves representing all 5 members of the band with a single bullet representing myself laying shelled beside them, and get that tattooed on my back.
Red Bull Addict, anyone?
As we all know, MCR for awhile there really wanted Red Bull cans. Cause they love the stuff SO much. If you watch "The Black Parade is Dead" bob has a couple suger-frees by his drum set. the point. who all collected the cans. and if you did, how many. I started collecting the cans, but never sent them in because i got ADDICTED to Reb Bull, Now I find myself buying them and trying to find them everywhere. The total count of red bull cansd I have in display at my house is 87. Now i just collect them cause it's fun. And because I'm hopelessly a good way...
Fuck Cancer
Everyone should check out to see thge AMAZING work Frank is doing to help combat cancer. I lost my grandfather to cancer and know 100% i"ll be buying multiple pairs of these and other cancer fighters to help ease the way to a cure!
My Green Chemical Day Romance!
Since My Chemical Romance isn't currently on an "official" tour for the new album yet. I'm forced to hone that MCR dedicating to other tours. This picture was taken waiting in line for Green Day on their recent "21st century Breakdown" Tour with my amazing girlfriend. Although we ended up waiting 40 hours in total, it was well worth it. Although I REALLY REALLy wish My Chem was opening...kinda like they did in austrailia many years back. Oh what a show THAT would have been.
Hey, as everyone may know. I'm a HUGE my chem fan. And I just went through the contents of my merch. and let me tell ya. It's ALOT. The contents of my fan appreichiation is... (Picture coming soon) All MCR cd's, all unopened The Black Parade Is Dead (All 5 Masks aswell) Included with the coffin All the my chem Action figures with prayer cards.
my chemical ROMANCE!
When we first met we both had a large appreiciation for two bands. For Sara, it was Green Day all the way. and for myself. Well, I'm a HUGE my chem fan. After being amazing friends and letting the love of these bands, and our own love grow, I find myself now spending the rest of my life with the most amazing person I know, while listeing to the most amzing band I know(MCR). Our passion is often fuled by music and the way we eat, sleep, talk, and drink all boils down to the love for these bands. Thankyou My Chemical Romance for fueling my fire of LITERAL romance.
The My Chemical Romance "At-Home" Remedy
I went to sleep last night staving off a pretty bad tripp. Then wake up this morning, SICK AS A DOG! I'm pretty sure it's the lack of coffee, considering we ran out a few days ago. But, I just want to chill around my house, maybe with my girlfriend. What does everyone think is the best My Chem album to listen to with an enourmous headache. I'm leaning towars bullets, because it has soft sounding songs like demolition lovers. But what do you guys think?