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Where's a lead infused 5B pencil when you need it?
As I let everyone know, sometime ago. I would be posting pictures of my MCR tattoo. The design is going very well, but I ran outta the proper pencil i needed to finish the job. So I will make my way to the art store, Maybe pick up a timmies on the way and get those pictures up for you guys quite fast.
The expense of expenses.
I'm amped for the new MCR record that's going to be coming out. It seems to me that the MCR site has gone slightly dormant. Which may very well mean that they are making the fans have one last final WAIT before they drop some amazing news. Or heres hoping. I really hope they come to more places in Canada on the new legs of the "soon to be tour." I live in Canada and my wallet is getting beaten to a pulp by these Australian tour dates. But that definatly doesn't deter me from going. Already booked my flight. MCR...See you in Australia, and I'm from Wainfleet for fucks sake! PS.
When the tough gets going...
The battle has been lost, and the loser is "The Used." I was so excited to hear the used was going on tour and very amped to go buy tickets when they started streaming thier new album...two goddamn tracks is all I like. It was a HUGE letdown. Bert said that this next album was all about the music. More like, all about the cheap sound effects to muffle the music. And instead of having the usual intense buildup to a song...track after track again they have an incredible music section, then the vocals come in and shit on the rest of the song.
No posts for a few not really on twitter too much.
And then the site went silent...
Thanks Everyone!
So recently I asked what would be the best MCR to screw to. The consensus between my girlfriend and I was "The Sharpest Lives"...and thats an experienced answer!
Best MCR moment you can think of?
The best moment I can think of is when I made it back stage when MCR were playing in Ohio. I was chilling in the change room talking to Mikeys wife for about a half hour. Then after the band finished the show, she was putting towels out with some rodies, and I burnt my hand on Mikeys hair straightner. Unfortunatly I don't have the scar, but i wish I did. After meeting the band multiple times, another great moment was when Gerard said, "Hey, arn't you that taylor kid" although my name is TYLER, I'll forgive him because theres thousands of fans. But that was an amazing moment to say the least.
My Chem on tour...
What does everyone think would be the ABSOLUTE WORST band for MCR to tour with. Lets do top 5... For me its- Fall Out Boy(I would LITERALLY boo them and throw shit at them until MCR came onstage, maybe get backstage and beat the shit outta that fag wentz guy) The Jonas Brothers All Time Low Cobra Starship Lamb Of God (I LOVE that band, but last time they played together, MCR got bottles of piss thrown at them) Beyond top 5 would be any other stupid emo bands like "10 Second Epic" or "The Spill Canvas" or like, Simple Plan or some shit like that.
MCR dans la sac
This is a very simple question. What would be the best my chem song to screw too. My girlfriend and I are always trying to think of what would be an awsome song. But alot of my chem is very aggressive. We already think that "Our Lady Of Sorrows" would be a really good song for kinky times...but, I'm bruised enough
Well it rains and it pours...
So, I was walking down the street today coming home from the mall. When it started pouring. Unfortunatly I didn't have my iPhone with me or I would've been crankin the Chem. But in your oppinion, what is the best my chem song to listen to in the rain. It's sterotypical to say "Helena" because the music video has rain. But...I'm gunna go ahead and say "The Sharpest Lives." I always pictured a treatment for a music video for this being my chem in the middle of a forrest with like, the headless horse men racing toward them, and my chem being ripped apart.
My Chemical Romance Memorabilia, The berth.
So, one day while I was sitting around my house with my girlfriend I came up with this amazing term. We had just finished getting extreamly baked and I had a couple beers in my system when I got up to say, "Hey Sara, Do you wanna see some new my chemical romance memrobilia that i got?" She says yes, but then we both star at eachother intenly for a second and I say, "MYCHEMORABILIA!" and thus, the term was born...Pronounced My-Chem-Ro-Bilia