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What!? I can't fucking hear you!
So, I haven't seen a question like this up on the board yet. so here go's it! As we all know MCR slightly alter their songs for a live performance. A lot of times Gerard will substitute lyrics, or the band will add extra riffs and things along the lines of that nature to their live set. Which is your favorite extra part [added] during a live performance of MCR. I can't decide over these two (Which are my favorite) 1. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison(Live in Hoboken NJ) - The Black Parade Is Dead! - Where Gerard adds the parts, "What!?, I can't fucking hear you because.
"That's the real fucking point of all of this." Gerard Way
I'm getting slightly frustrated with this. Ever since a scene in "Life On the Murder Scene" where gerard asks a girl in the audience about her shirt and states that "MCR saved her life" there has been a pandemic of emo kids claiming the band has saved their life. I understand that you were going to kill yourself before you heard the music. But was it ultimately the band that made you not want to kill yourself? Why are you resting your decision to kill, or not kill yourself, over music. It may be extremely amazing music mind you.
Limited Edition Ploy
Anyone else notice something rather fishy about "The Black Parade: Limited edition" I got this thing when it originally came out, and was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores. They state that its a limited edition, but here we are YEARS later after the release of "The Black Parade" and this "Limited Edition" is still available for order on hundreds of online stores and is frequently found on Ebay. i hope the guys at MCR headquarters didn't pull a marketing ploy since the last album was slightly a sell out.
X-Ray angel
Just ordered a My chemical romance "X-Ray angel" and LeaTHERMOUTH t-shirt from the web. I can't wait to get these in the mail, the "X-Ray Angel" think really shows off some new styles from MCR! Although I want a shirt with the new LOGO on the back, that would kick ass! MCR needs a merch update...c'mon new album!
The incomplete list
Another day passes as another day goes by without any new news from MCR about the upcoming album. New music is poisoning the well and constantly band after band is coming out with new tracks. Now i know every waiting process for every band is initially the same, but i cant wait for the day when MCR FINALLY releases some SOLID new album info. So many new albums this year have already hit the shelves and gathered too much dust for me to recap on them.
The question is quite simple. What song do you think would be amazing if my chem did a fast, up-beat punk version of the song like they did with the "Watchmen" cover. PS Did anyone else notice that MCR wasn't asked to do a cover for Reprise records new album that marked 50 years with Warner Bros records. There were some great singles on there, wish MCR was one of them. I've always though MCR would do an AMAZING job covering "Fuck Authority" By Pennywise
Needed support
Today I'm going down to my local CD store and supporting the Used by buying their new album. although I have already illegally downloaded it, I'm going to be getting a hard copy. This whole new album process is killing me. MCR are taking a while to do this new album, and slowly I'm getting frustrated. I know the new album will be amazing but at the same time, its taking awhile to hit shelves. I think we can expect great things from MCR soon enough.
Not a part of the MCRmy
I'm crazy about MCR, but not a fan of the MCRmy. I don't think I should advertise the band and push it upon people. If you know me, you know have an undying love of the band. I'm gunna put flyers up everywhere advertising the concert. The less people at a my chem concert, the less people I have to kill in the pit. I love MCR cause of their amazing music and their influence on my life. personally don't need to push that on people. I'm among friends here. Thats enough for me. Although do have a SICK patch that says..."The MCRmy, Unleash the fucking soldiers"
Don't be a common killer!
Have you ever wondered how many animals suffer in labs? It's a good question. Because there are so many animals in laboratories and records are not kept for all animals, estimates of the number of animals tortured and killed annually in U.S.
Don't be a silent killer!
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