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ITS ALL OVER!(Or has it just begun)
This is torture. Not having any idea what the new MCR CD will be like. I can't wait for the new stuff, and we've been waiting SO long. I think one of the first posts from this site was up in March, or May. that was ages ago. We've been waiting. I just want some offical song titles or ATLEAST some album art. I'm dying MCR, DYING!
Who Watches the Watchmen
Hey, amazing day yesturday. After going to Toronto and going to some sweet comic book shops I came across one of the greatest things ever seen. The entire right wall of the "Silver Snail" Comic book shop was a Watchmen mural. It was awsome, I definatly got some shots of it. If Only I could find my fucking iPhone. Oh well, theres pictures to come! As a bonus, when I went to the shop I was able to find and purchase an "Umbrella Academy" mug, thats currently providing me with a great cup of joe as we speak. Anyway, stay posted for the pics.
Teenagers really do scare the living shit outta me! Just saying. This town (Port Colborne) Is such an amazing place, without the kids. This place is only ever tolerable when all the stupid teens are in school. And thats where they should stay. They hang around in gangs and clusters on weekends and just fuck shit up. I wish it was winter so that those idiots would stay in doors. I hate them all, and wish horrible things upon. Thats why teenagers literally do scare the living shit outta me. And like the song. They could care less. As long as someone will bleed.
We Have 5 Seconds to Stop Loving Eachother
For the longest time, it's only ever been a common thought that i should take up the stage life. In other words, become a musician. Although I have nothing agaisnt the lifestyle. I'd rather be the brain behind the highlight. So in this istance, and after many years of wanting to write/record a single. I've done it. And i just wanted to thank MCR for giving me your undivided creativity and insperation. although sometimes you reach those times, where you can only smoke insperation. I finally tracked a song.
Nah nu Nah nu!
Heres a pretty generic question. after all the time that MCR has been on twitter. Anyone here get a tweet or a response from a band member, feel free to share. A few months back I said to Mikey ... "Your the most down to earth bassist this side of neptune!" And he replied "Nah nu nah nu" A line from an alien on "Mork and Mindy." It was awsome, I still have the print out in my MCR display case! BTW I'm "tHoj101" on twitter if anyone wants to drop me a line!
MCR original art.
Hey, Just wanted to put a post up with some art Ive done, this is an original peice I've done spelling out MCR in slabs of meat. I love doing original art, and this was done with the preconception of any new album art that has yet to surface. Art is a strong passion for me, and MCR an amazing insperation. If anyone else has some cool MCR art, they should make a post. This is definatly not my only original peice. I'll be posting more. BTW, getting this tatooed on my lower arm. My apologies, the scan doesn't do the art justice.
My Chemical Ink
In the midst of getting a tattoo appointment with a good tattoo artist, but in the mean time I thought I would share this. This is a conceptual ORIGINAL tattoo peice that I created that says "MCR" spelt out in slabs of meat. I'm debating putting below it, "Meat is Murder" Insinuating that not only is that statment true, but that MCR are often reffered to in such dark text like, "Life On The Murder Scene" Although merging those two ideas can come down the road, for now this is my MCR tattoo that will be going on my lower arm. Just wanted to share! :)
From Bullets to Black
A Book is in the works. by no one other than myself. I am taking the literal story of the demolition lovers and comparing it to my relationships with people, friends, loves, everything. I'm documenting a fictional story of what was going on in the world and the effects that MCR has had on us all, particularly myself but in a relatable way. The book is in the very small stages and I'm sill looking for a publisher...but look for "From Bullets to Black" on store shelves in late 2010. The title may change as the material is updated. I'm also attempting the cover art.
MCR back on the scene
As we all know MCR are hard at work on the next album. and with a new album, we're soon going to see MCR plastered on the front of Magazines like AP, Spin and many, many more. It's an exciting time because its one of the only times where I can read an article in a magazine and not had previously known something about the band. Regardless, MCR are JUST starting to break into the magazine scene with small pictures here and there. was VERY excited to see MCR in the newest issue of ROLLING STONE.
Gerard, Mikey, and PETA!
I don't know if many of you know this, but...Gerard and Mikey Way were featured in a PETA DVD, protesting "using frogs in class experiments for dissection" Its great work, And i really wish MCR would do more work with PETA. Frank often does some work with MacBeth shoes, an almost all Vegan shoe line for his Manchester and Wallister shoe line-up. Regardless, heres a link so everyone can order their FREE PETA DVD with Gerard, Mikey, and many other bands like "Thursday, The Used, Lamb Of God" and more! If the link doesn't work, copy and paste it