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Officially the most devote MCR fan!
I can officially say I'm the ultimate My Chem fan. Ironically when Gerard was on his hunt for the Trans Am, I got an offer for one. And after finally making my last payment(paying for it the last yeard and a half) I officially own a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. Its amazing, I can't wait to stroll down the street cranking My Chem, smoking a cigg and drinking a cup of premium Timmies coffee. Next week will be the best week of my life! I get the car next Thursday, and soon I'll be driving down the highway with Desolation Row CRANKED! Best car on the planet. Gunna try and get Gerard to sign the dash.
Keep up the great work. I've been getting some great response from a few fans about growing out your hair for the next record. So fuck the scissors and keep the pictures rolling! Speacial thanks to Zero and Matt for being the first to send in their "Shag Romance." Lets make this a following. C'mon MCRmy you can do better than that! Again send those pictures to Include a personal blurb, and your first name. Let's make this so well known, even the members of My Chem start to take notcie. I'm not gunna stop till we got atleast 50 pictures.
Get Your Grow On
A few days ago I created a post intructing everyone to grow out their hair till the next MCR album hits the shelves in 2010. Well, Send me a picture of your current shag. I'll collect the pictures and create one giant blog with before and afters for everyone. Feel free to send in a little blub about it. Unleash the fucking shags! Include your first name(first AND last name is a privicy issue) a picture of your current hair, a little(optional) blurb about yourself and I'll shoe horn everything into an album until we get closer toward the record! Send the pictures to:
Grow out your hair. Just saying. Everyones doing it! C'mon I encourge everyone to grow out their hair as long as they can. NO HAIR CUTS, until the new MCR CD hits the shelves next year. You can color, but don't let any sharp objects touch that beutiful shaggy mane you got going on. Encourage every last MCR fan to grow out their hair until the next album. Its a trend, It's the deal, It's the bee's knee's. Just do it!
Don't just trash love, Crash Love.
And the year of new music come full circle with AFI's "Crach Love." An album that deals specifically with the anatomy of a relationship as the listener is forced into it's love/hate chorus lines and strong religeous understandings. The album doesn't only provide 12 power ballads of catchy uplifting songs, but boasts that AFI are still strongly pumping out new albums in their later career and shows that the band not only can be very versitile but shred through riffs at tip top speed and performance. The album drops tomorrow.
Bitter Feelings
Does anyone know if The Used have recently commented on the bitterness between themselves and My Chemical Romance. I know they had a falling out, but alot of bands choose to make press comments on the others success. Clearly the Used have just come out with another album, with MCR not far behind. I can imagine Bert name dropping my chem because their new record is going to be a huge hit. Whats everyones thoughts about the situation?
Port Fucking Colborne
I miss home, I miss Wainfleet. Port Colborne is horrible. I hate living in the city. It's killing me. All I've done the entire time I've been here is drink and smoke weed and rones, drink buckets of coffee. Fuck. The next 4-5 years of my life will be brutal. I can't wait to finish art school and find a small place in the country. This house is not my home. I'm better off in Wainfleet. Thats my home. Where there isn't ANYONE walking the streets but me, and that old man who always had a smile on his face and always said hello. The country is where I could get lost for hours. Walk everywhere.
Do it/Don't do it! HELP!!!
Here's the dilhema. I was REALLy REALLY wanting to listen to The Black Parade today in my sun room, when I realized my iPod accidentally got wiped out. Now my only form of the cd is my unopened version. I have another two others, but I can't find em. So...I'll let everyone decide what I should do. If you think I should open my NEVER BEEN OPENED MCR "THE BLACK PARADE" CD, Include the words "do it" in your responce. If you want me to leave it in the package and SUFFER without MCR then, "Don't do it"...please make the right desicion. BTW the majority wins...
D E A D !
Well, this loverly looking fetus type creature was found in panama, although it has nothing to do with the band I thought I would post it because it's mezmerizing. I can't stop looking it up in the news. Although It does look alot like a sloth(Google Sloths). It's intense. Aparently it was found coming out of a cave when some boys threw rocks at it to kill it. It was killed and the corpse dumped in a pool of water. The boys returned later to take these pictures. It's recent stuff, hapened on Saturday I think. anyway, It was well worth the post.
I work for Apple. And while in a trainer module today for iTunes 9. The narator of the tutorial was talking about a new home sharing feature. And heres the best part. As an example they used The Black Parade to show how the new feature worked and TOTALLY copied The Black Parade from one itunes library to the next. It was cool, but to put the icing on the cake. While showing an example of coverflow the narrator passed Revenge and The Black Parade. It was fucking awsome. I love my job!