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Galactic Destroyer?!
So I just ordered an MCR shirt that states "Galactic Destroyer" on a red A-Track. The shirt is one of the ones from the Tokyo Shows(Limited edition 3 of 4). What is the significance of this. Is it the name of the new MCR record. The last time I checked. The name of the album was still up in the air, as the band wanted to let the album name write its self when it was completed. Now i know the record isn't done, so what is the deal with this "Galactic Destroyer" statement. I've heard multiple rumors about this, weather its a Misfits track or not. I'm not sure. Anyone know.
Costumes Anyone?
So. My girl friend(Sara) and I have an amazing idea of what to be for the My Chem costume contest. The only hint I'm going to give you, is it's from the first album. Whats an idea on everyone elses life?
A Post From Sara(and Tyler)
I have just googled "random" and posted a picture. I am now going to hand the MacBooK over to my girl friend, and she will somehow relate the picture to MCR... The turtle in the picture relates to MCR because much like this turtle, Mikey is shy and its hard for him to "come out of his shell".
Happy Almost Halloween
I havn't blogged in quite some time. There has been alot of action on the MCr website latly. the costume contest and all. I've got a really cool idea. Can't wait to take a picture. Happy Almost Halloween.
Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. I've been eating like a pig and getting tons of thanksgiving tofurky thrown my way. What am I thankful for? I'm thankful for being vegetarian and not having to kill a defenseless animal for my taste buds to enjoy. I'm thankful for not killing a turky, and eating tofurky instead. And thankful for MCR, just sayin'
Thankyou for the Coffee!
It's called a good cup of coffee. And for the past few days my taste buds and I have lost all meaning of the word. After getting screwed over by the donut diner, I now have no other source of a good cuppa joe. My favorite coffee chain decided instead of raising the prices. They would decrease my dosage and pput less of the good bean in the cup. So now drinking my favorite cup of coffee tastes like drinking a glass of coffee flavoured water. So, to my point. Where can you get a good cup of fucking coffee?
The Studio
A few weeks ago I was laying in my bed and just thinking. About MCR, about AFI, about myself and about life. When suddenly the greatest plan I ever thought of hatched out of no where! What was the plan? To transform my room into an art studio. 1 bedroom and $700 at Ikea later and I'm set. I now have a fully functional art studio! I ditched my bed and went with a cheap little sofa to crash on, so my room is now strickly for art purposes. I've been pumping out drawings faster than ever and I've had ideas flowing from my mind to paper with ease.
Hairy Situations!
Hey everyone. As you all know I'm starting this HUGE blog compiled of all different MCR fan photos. But theres a catch. I don't even have that many pictures. Heres the deal, everyone who loves MCR is encouraged to grow out their hair until the next record drops in a few months. So let your hair flow down to your butt cause by the time the album rolls around we shold be left with a bunch of shaggy lookin fans. Fuck the scissors and grow out your hair as long as you can until MCR releases their next album!
A Slice of Humble Pie That Was a Little Too Filling.
Recently I posted a blog saying I was a great My Chem fan cause I owned a Trans Am. Someone told me other wise, and I admit. I was out of line. Me owning a Trans am doesn't mean I'm a great My Chem fan, it just means I've got an amazing car to which I can crank AMAZING music, i.e. MY CHEM! I can't wait to sit on the hood on the car, crack up a cigg and drink away my guts in joe. Can't wait, apologize for being boastful.
Silver Snail Watchmen Mural!
Havn't posted in awhile. Been stuck up in the art studio for quite some time. Wanted to fill in on this amazing MCR related mural I came accross when I was meeting with some artists in Toronto. We were originally there for just an amazing time, and ended up leaving with a cool Umbrealla Academy mug and a few sweet pictures of this cool Watchmen mural we found while we were jacked up on the green. It was on the entire right side of "The Silver Snail" comic book shop. Great times. And as always, related to MCR in some way. The pictures of my amazing girl friend and I.