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The 2009 Scream Awards!
I'm sure you all know that the 2009 Scream Awards is on at 10pm tonight on Spike TV. I've always thought this was an amazing awards show with live killings, and packed with gore, guts and fantasia. These awards however have always seemed to include MCR in some way or another. Last year Gerard introduced the trailer for "Watchmen" in front of Icarus. The previous year before that, MCR exploded onto the music scene with a vastly large performance of "Welcome To The Black Parade" complete with Mother War, The Patient and hundreds of kids in parade clad clothing. This brings to me to my point.
Red Bull and Orange Juice
I recently had been sipping on a glass of orange juice and was wondering. Would my other can of Red Bull be good with my OJ? And...hell yeah! Its sooo good. So officially, everyone should try this amazing concoction! Put 1 part OJ and 2 parts Red Bull together, shake and enjoy a wild and tangy ride of wonder! One can of Red Bull and one can of 5 Alive "Citrus" works together too. try it out!!!!
The Best Album of 09'
This was a tough call. In the beginning of the year Green Day graced us with the amazing full fledged album "21st Century Breakdown" which not only made a killing on the charts, but moved millions of fans. Its an amazing album that sums up Green Days career in one word "Fuck..." It was SUCH a good album and would have won this "Album of the year (contest)" by far. Until, AFI released "Crash Love" another great album from a band that has virtually defined punk. I'm going to bet my money with this being the second best album of the year.
I've Failed, Horribly.
Well, My Fellow MCR fans. I've failed. For the past few months I've been saying that everyone should grow out their hair for the greater good. And to keep growing out their hair until MCR releases their new album. When I went to go for a trim, Hacky Mc.Chop Chop(The women who cut my hair) did a horrible job and I'm now left with this buzz cut like sty. although I preach hair growth. I'm no longer preaching to the choir. Those who have put the hair trimmers down. I'll understand if you pick em back up. Epic fail on my behalf
Sundays, Why I Hate Them.
On a regular basis, I generally hate Sundays. Why? Simple Question. Every Sunday morning my day seems to drag by, one of the main causes, my lack of Tim Hortons Coffee. The line-up at my 4 local Tim Hortons are crazy intense, and completely filled with old people! Its a wrinkle fest because every god damn old person in town decides they need to go get a Timmies before church. Get one after! I'm just sayin' On top of the coffee mishap. NO MAIL! I've just ordered a few AWESOME MCR shirts from the online store. And of course they don't ship on sundays. Damn weekend screwing up my week.
Loser Kids
Awhile ago I posted a bog making everyone aware of the amazing work Frank was doing with Vegan Shoe company MacBeth. Even more recently I have come across other artists that do similar work. I had just bought myself a pair of awesome new shoes, these MacBeth Vegan High Tops are created from Hunter Burgan, A guitarist in AFI. I'm really starting to get interested in the site to which I purchased it from...Loser Kids. has a large variety of sweet punker-prep clothes and a lot of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research.
I personally am not a HUGE fan of The Used. I had purchased concert tickets for me and my girl friend to go to the show in Toronto, just for the party. My intensions were to get really drunk at my first concert being of legal Canadian drinking age. I was so excited to go to the concert, not too too much for the band par sea. But the good times I could have had. Until today I found out the The Used cancelled the show. I officially wish harm upon the Used. All I have to say is...FUCK YOU THE USED! I'M OFFICIALLY DESTROYING YOUR CD'S WHEN I GET HOME!!!! FUCK YOU TO HELL!
The Drugs on Drugs
So, Although the song I'm most excited for on the new record is the currently "Untitled" song that we all saw light up our TV sets back when "The Black Parade is Dead!" came out a few years back. But...I'm waiting eagerly for "The Drugs." the song already seems to chronicle the past few months of my life. And I'm vowing to myself to be high as fuck the first time i listen to the song(recorded version). Until then, I can soberly watch The Drugs on youtube and hope for a higher tomorrow.
Sara Doekes. Soon(In a few years) to be Sara Hojberg is the absolute love of my life. I just wanted to create a blog about how amazing she is. I never thought this time, 2 years ago I would be as madly in love as I currently am. It's one thing to want to spend every moment of your life with someone, its another segment to want to spend every moment with someone, even when your with them. Not that that makes too much sense. But people are apparently 10% dumber when they are in love. Anyway, this blog is a dedication to my love for Sara Kimbery Doekes, and the many years we will spend together.