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Gerard Called Me "Man" ...Random Blog.

Still thinking about the amazing time I had at the MCR concert in T.O and totally remembered about this video. I'm not sure who shot it, but I threw my bandanna on stage and Gerard commented that he already has one. lmao. Awesome...Gerard called me "man" in his Jersey accent ...fuckin' eh it's awesome.


I was fifth in line and waited over 16 hours in line. It was my 14th MCR show to date!!!! Amazing day though :) MCR played both Vampires, Our Lady Of Sorrows, Bullet Proof Heart AND Hang 'Em High. Including a cover of Neat Neat Neat and like 20 other amazing MCR songs! My friend snapped this picture of Gerard pointing at me for sassily fixing my killjoy mask. ROCK ON!!!

Last Blog Before the TORONTO SHOW!

I'm so psyched, I'm leaving tomorrow regardless of the concert being the next day but I really want to get a great spot in line. I've got my friend coming alone, and a backpack full of sandwiches, water, cigarettes, and random my chemical romance merch. CAN'T WAIT! Anyone else going to see MCR in Toronto on the 19th, see you there! :)

In the Zones...

On the lookout for dracs. Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close and die with your mask on if you've got to!


Everyone, buy a Danger Days jacket. They're awesome :)

Party Poison Jacket: Full Review.

First I want to answer a burning question on everyones mind. Is it worth $100? Simply put, hell yes! You can justify the price by looking at what the band is currently doing. They're creating an entire new version of SING for the Japan crisis, and money doesn't come out of thin air to pay for those kinds of things. I can understand why none of the money from the jackets directly affects the efforts in Japan, but it might on a lower level. Regardless, the build quality of the jacket is 9 out of 10. It's warm, probably as warm as a thick sweater.

The Jackets Are Out...Go Get Yours!!!

I just ordered the Party Poison jacket to match my gun :) Cannot wait to be in this sucker!!! They're available at so get your ass over there and buy one right fucking now!!!! Cheers killjoys.

Randomly Artistic.

I recently bought an iPad 2 that has an app called Photo Booth. I took this wicked picture using one of the apps photos effects while holding my Party Poison gun. I just decided to post this picture because I thought it was cool and completely random. I hope sometime in the near future to create a painting that looks like this. Cheers :)

Anyone Want a Party Poison Gun?

Yesterday I finally got my ray guns in the mail, I got Party Poison and Fun Ghouls guns and am very pleased with both :) Rock on killjoys!

PS. Also got an iPad 2 today and I'm friggin crapping my pants it's so amazing! Cheers.