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Skinny Jeans. Till Death Do We...Not Part.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't have the swoopy emo hair, the jet black hair. Or even the skin tight band shirts. But I do love my skinny jeans. I used to be an emo kid, about 4 years ago. It's true what they say. It's just a phase. But, the jeans. Everyone was wrong about. Here I am, 19 years old, and have been wearing my skinny jeans religiously for the past 4-5 years. I can't imagine my peg legs in any else. I'll be wearing these suckers for the rest of my life. What's the trick. I wear my jeans really, really low and get low rising jeans.
MCR Merch Moments
On the same note as my previous blog... What is the best/most funny moment that you've ever gotten while wearing a My Chemical Romance branded shirt. I've got a couple good laugh over the years. While wearing my "Fire At Will" tee, an old lady(with fingers posed as a gun, pointed at me) said "Pew, Pew. Gotcha." Then proceeded to laugh hysterically. Good times. Another more recent occasion is when I was wearing the Venganza vest to my local coffee shop, when a few old people started leaving.
My Shirt Romance
Out of the tons and tons of MCR that have come and gone, and been worn to shreds. Whats your favorite MCR shirt, and you fave hoodie. I know mine is currently my Galactic Destroyer shirt, the fit is amazing and I'm lovin' the cool design. My favorite hoodie would be a Hot topic exclusive that has brides on the sleeves and a skeleton and skeleton bride on the right shoulder. Amazing.
My Chemical Rolling Stone Cover
It really grinds my gears that MCR have yet to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. But that whore Lady Gaga, pretty much the ugliest man/women in the media these days gets her face up there for having a couple hits. Rolling Stone needs a lesson in music. Yeah MCR have been featured on the inside cover page, right when you open the cover. But that doesn't mean anything compared to the fandom that surrounds the famous Rolling Stone covers. I really hope they get they're shit together and realize MCR have gone across continents and moved millions along the way.
Sara if your looking at this page. DO NOT TRY AND LOAD THIS!!!!! It's a surprise. I just need to access this at home. but the place I'm at only accepts first party sites. This being one of em...Hotmail is third-party. The link has been adjusted with changes only I know so you guys can't snag it from me, it will bring you to the generic page as opposed to specific product. sorry I have to use for this.
Devils Night and Halloween. Good Times.
I had a pretty good Halloween. Except for the fact that I was working the majority of the time(it sucks being a struggling artist). I went to the pub with the girl friend and her friend too. It was pretty awesome, came home at like 11 and watched "The Blair Witch Project" after entering the My Chem costume contest. I had seen the movie, but my girl friend hadn't, so it was all good. Pounded back some beers before bed. All over, fun night. Devils night was better, as I went to a bar and supported my friend as he rapped on stage for the first time.
So, I just commented on some ones blog, and you know how you have to fill out the "Captcha" or whatever its called to make sure its not spam. said MCR! Totally had to make a blog about this because it was just too awesome!
Peace, Gerard Style
This is an awesome picture, one of my favorites! I love the "give peace" concept(wish it weren't a concept). But anyway, Gerard really ducking knows how to rock out on stage. Great photo from The Black Parade era! Rock on.
Red Bull Cans...The Never Ending Story
Is anyone still collecting red bull cans? MCR asked that everyone send in their cans but they never really said, stop sending in the cans. There was never an end to that. I assumed the whole red bull can stuff was over when they had a contest to guess how many cans were sent in. Anyway, I decided to not send em in, but still collect em. Just cause. I got addicted to the stuff and I LOVE the company. Amazing booster from that stuff from the second it hits my lips. I don't mind the sugar free either. But anyway, Anyone still collecting for personal enjoyment.
There's Blood On My Keyboard.
So today is Halloween, and I was expecting everyone at work to be decked out in zombie, or mummy attire. And yet. Epic fail on their behalf. I'm the ONLY person at work today who dressed up. So here I AM bleeding, all by myself. I'm just saying, yeah I work with adults but still. Wheres the spirit. Anyway, I'm having a pretty good halloween regardless. This year isn't that exciting in any sense, but...what ever. Happy Halloween folks! And Frankie...if your reading...Happy b-day budd! PS. My bloody face is dripping on my desk and keyboard. meh...nothing a sanitizing cloth can't fix