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What "Not/To" Wear
So. After the hype over Venganza! has kinda died down. I wanna know something. Does anyone frequently wear the "faux-Bullet Proof" Vest? I have worn it a few times in public, but it's kinda awkward to wear it in public because its rather harsh to see someone wearing a bullet proof vest in public. With winter just around the corner, I find I already am freezing my ass off on a daily basis. So it's warmth may be a virtue and I think I'm gunna crack it outta the closet soon. But does anyone wears theirs a lot?
My Chemical iPod Lyric
Thank you to all of you who have offered me some great My Chem quotes that I could potentially engrave on my iPod. But...they are all pretty much too long, and not really what I'm looking for. If anyone has a great LYRIC that they think would be sweet on an your comments below. I really need ideas. I was informed it can be two lines, 29 characters each. Remember its a red iPod, something related to that colour may be cool. Get thinkin'. Thanks!
The Media
Lately My ChemicalRomance are breaking out of their silent studio shell and really letting the fans have a taste of ink. MCR are going to be in the next Rocksound Magazine and are currently in Kerrang. The article in Kerrang apparently has some lyrics from the new album in it, unfortunately I can't pick up my own copy until tomorrow or friday. Anyway. I really think it's that time. The last few months of waiting before My Chem really lets us have it. They have about a month and a bit until the end of the year, and I really TRULEY think they are give us a sample of the new album before then.
My Chemical iPod Quote
Hey, I kinda need some help. I'm getting a new red iPod nano on my next pay, and since I was ordering it online I might as well have it engraved for free. So. I want to know what are some good My Chem quotes or lyrics that I should throw on there. I believe theres a max of 100 characters...or less. If I can't think of a cool lyric then I'm just gunna get either "From Bullets to Black, We Survived Them All." MCR. Or "My Chemical Romance" or maybe even "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge." Not sure...Anyway, Anyone got any good ideas?
Another n/a...
n/a - Couldn't Live With Myself
The idiot who posted "I HATE MCR!!!" needs less attention, and he needs all of us to show how much of an idiot he is. So, keep posting comments and pump out blogs to kick this queer off the first page of the MCR blogs so that people pay less attention. C'Mon MCR fans...Give Em' Hell Kids
I kinda need to enlist the help of someone. My favorite newer MCR song is still(And perhaps always will be) "Untitled: Live in Hoboken". But I'm technically unsaavy(Ironically I work for Apple), and REALLY REALLY want that song on CD. Is someone able to hook me up? I have multiple copies of "The Black Parade Is Dead," But really want that specific song on CD. Or if someone can get the entire concert on bootleg that would be cronic too. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
Don't Do It...Don't.
I'm not sure if anyone knows or can hear this(I myself found out years ago) But if you take the song "Cemetary Drive" By My Chemical Romance of course, and strip the bass and acoustics and leave only lead and backing vocals. Then you can hear "Don't do it, don't. Do it, don't. Do it." consecutivley when Gerard says "Singing songs that make you slit your wrists..." It's awesome. and even more of a reason why MCR are Anti-Suicide.