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Ohhh Xmas Sex. Sexy.

I've just realized something completly cronic. The site said I've been a memer since March 09. Which means if the MCR album comes out in March 2010, it's gunna be my one year annaversary of the my chem site! Fuck yeah! So pumped for the new album btw. Lovin' the live tracks. Btw. The title of this blog is totally redundant. lmfao.

My RENEWED Chemical Romance Shrine!

So, last night I spent a few hours, kneeled down in front of a display case, slowly sifting through my My Chemrobilia. I've finally(after a brief instance of disappearance) have re-instated my My Chemical Romance shrine and have started prepping it for the new album. Making a few space saving changes here, and a little more compression there. It's ready to go and be the awesome shrine its been all along. When I get some MCR pictures up on my baron walls, I'll post a picture or two. It's looking great, and it's three tier awesomeness is just about ready to SHINE! Zing!

I posted a picture of

Review Of The Day: Our Lady Of Sorrows

This song pretty much throws you into the mosh pit, kicks you in the face, and then makes you choke on your own organs. But, preaches friendship..."Stand up fucking tall, don't let them see your back..." This "1-2 fuck you" is probably one of the reasons why My Chem gathered such a cult following in their early days, and really shows their high strung side. It's songs like this that re-instill my faith in the band, and give My Chemical Romance the ability to write some of the sappier songs like "I Don't Love You," but don't forfeit their proto punk roots.

40 Weeks!

Just quickly looking at my profile, I see that I've been added on this site for 40 weeks. 40 WEEKS! Thats crazy! I've been rockin' the MCR site for so long now. I've got over 20 pages of blogs, and I'm still blogging my ass off. This is a great site, filled with some great people, and I'm so happy that MCR have finally created a solid, official platform for fans to talk, chat and chill. So three cheers to MCR, and the fan base as well. Here's 40 weeks down the hole, and many, MANY more to go!

Review Of The Day: Teenagers

This song, complete with all the bells and whistles of The Black Parade is a strong standpoint in MCR's career. It marked the moment in the parade when MCR wanted to shed their parade clad outfits and throw on some of their hardcore side. The song blasts through a few minutes of a solid chorus' backed with ganging vocals and then throws all of its own shit right out the window and rejoices itself with a punk-pop shred leading onto the final chorus of up beat, down strung, introvert lyrics. The lyrics make a strong statement about gun violence, and boast MCR's blunt side.

Gerard's Leather Ways

I think Gerard Way is cool just as much as the next My Chemical Romance fan, but this leather hypocracy has got to stop. The one picture that kinda set me off was the new picture of Gerard in Kerrang Magazine. Once again Gerard has been posted up wearing one prominant peice of something elses skin. Leather. This puts a sick taste in my mouth considering I'm a huge My Chemical Romance junkie, and have been following this band for a good 6-7 years now. But Gerard has time and time again become a poster boy for hypocrites.

While Your Nice and Warm On Christmas Morning...

Robert won't be. He'll still be on a cold, desolate steel floor surrounded by bars, throwing up and wishing he had a owner who actually loved him. This is a prime example of animal cruelty, and sickens myself to the very core. After this story, theres no reason in the WORLD that could possibly make anyone stand up for animal experiments. I love you Robert. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas....This Is Roberts Story.

The University of Utah (UU) paid the Davis County Animal Shelter $15 for this friendly, gentle orange-and-white tabby cat named Robert.

I Need To Smoke My Damn Brains Out!

Apple customers are going to put me in an early grave. Like honestly. Working for Apple is the most stressful thing EVER! I love my job. But the god damn customers are gunna kill me. You can go head over heels for the mother fuckers, and at the end of the day you still get your neck ripped out by someone in a bad mind set! FUCK! I'm so pissed off. I need a smoke, a cup of coffee...and a fucking revolver. I personally love Apple, amazing company. amazing benefits. Theres nothing that I don't love about their products. But holy mother fuck this is the most stressful job on the planet.

Silent Killers, Wool and Leather!

It may come from a sheep, goat, or Tibetan antelope. It may be called "wool," "mohair," "pashmina," or "cashmere." But no matter what you call it, it means bad news for the animal it came from.

In the wool industry, just weeks after birth, lambs' ears are punched, their tails are chopped off, and the males are castrated, all without anesthetics.

Whose Skin Are You In?

Slaughter Houses move at breakneck speed, literally. So workers routinely skin and dismember animals that are fully conscious. Much of the leather sold in the U.S comes from India, where workers beat and torture tired, thirsty cattle to keep them marching endless miles to slaughter, and from Asia, where cats and dogs are cruelly killed for their skins.