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3-D Is BS!

Everyone in their right mind is going crazy over these new 3-D TV' its some amazing new technology or something. Not only is HD a load of crap, but this whole "marketing 3D" thing is ridiculous. My parents both remember watching "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" in 3D back in the 70's and 80's. It's not at all "new technology" and personally, I find it ruins the movie experience. I want to watch the characters go on an adventure, I don't want to JOIN THEM! 3D, in my opinion is BS.

PS. Thank you MCR for not releasing any of your DVD's in either HD or 3D.

John Has His 3:16, I Have Mine.

A new sketch that I just finished yesterday. This puppy is going to be found in my new art book "18 Inc." coming early 2011! Thanks everyone for your support! It's blasphemes,'s really to raise awareness about hate within faith. Thanks again. :)

Preview From The Art "Studio"

Been working on this image for the past week. It's in correlation with many pictures from a hypothetical facility that bottles hate and creates morbid images surrounding my views on faith, and the modern age. Stay tuned, the actual image seen in this preview is gunna be up before the sun hits.

NEW ALBUM...Some Advice for Merch Happy Fans.

I say, if you wanna pick up some sweet MCR threads(what am I, cool or something?) then you should wait for the album to come out. Not only is there gunna be tons of new merch. But MCR has always included merch coupons in ALL their CD's. Or, you can just say...FUCK IT and buy all the new shirts you can get WHEN you can get em. Like me, all three new designs...have been purchased. :D


Yup, every MCR album I always dye or change my hair to suit that of Gerard's. It's part of the hype to go along with everything. Like when TBP came out, I got over 100 people in my old school to wear all black(or what they had) and tried the bleach blonde thing. Didn't work out, but every album release I change my style in a sense. I'm LOVING MY NEW HAIR!

PS. I don't give a shit about people who wanna make fun of me. This band is my life, and right now...I'll take what I can get. ...but the picture doesn't do the justice of how RED RED RED it is.

Goin' To The Costume Shop!!!

A mall in my area always opens up a costume shop about two months before Halloween. Gunna go there today and BECOME A KILLJOY! Set your ray guns to STUNNING!


Going back to the days of The Black Parade, I bring you this random sketch I did of "The Patient" ...taken from Gerards pre-production sketches.


Did you guys know that Dr.Death is the guitar player for another band(I dunno which one yet) and Jimmy from MSI plays a Draculoid in the trailer. He was supposed to be Ladyboy...but he didn't get the part cause he couldn't roller skate. I get this info from the KROQ interview with Gerard, Mikey and Ray. You had to be in the chat watching the interview from USTREAM in order to find that info out, cause it was bleeped when the footage of the interview was released.

Farewell MCRmy, I'll Miss You.

In the blink of an eye everything in your life that you hold near and dear. Every loved one and every family member can vanish. Tonight I learned that the hard way. MCR may have a new single out today. But it's going to take a lot more than that to save me now. This might be good bye.

My New Sketch!!!

This is a picture I started before the album name was firmed up. But the new MCR record was a definitive inspiration for this sketch. It's rightfully called "John Has His 3:16, I Have Mine" Took me a few days to complete, hope you guys like it...I figure, If art is our weapon. This is my DEATH RAY! I'll be sure to post it again for every to see :)