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First order failed cause I'm Canadian and was using the American store. IMPORTANT NOTE TO CANADIANS...use the rhino records link. Anyway, SUPRE EXCITED!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT! HOPE I GET THE GREEN GUN!

Tradesies? Only With The People Who Bought The Box Set.

When everyone gets the box set on or around Nov.22 I'll totally trade anyone ANy colour gun for their green gun if they get it. Like, red would be tolerable, yellow would suck balls and blue is...blah. I WANT THE GREEN RAY GUN! Can't WAIT till my pre-order comes...I care more about the gun colour then I do about the damn songs right now! URGH...fml.

The Mad Gear And Missile Kid?

I thought I was all caught up on the latest MCR news, and then this pops into the picture? An EP with 3 songs entitled "The Mad Gear And Missile Kid"...I'm lost. My guess is that these are some songs off of the scrapped album. Possibly including "Black Dragon Fighting Society, Untitled, The World Is Ugly, Kiss The Ring exc..." Or perhaps its the three radio broadcastings from "Dr.Death Defying" that appear on the album as "Look Alive Sunshine, Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report and Goodnite, Dr. Death" can only guess though.

Favourite Ray Gun Colour? "Danger Days" Box Set...

I just ordered the box set and am really excited for it to come "on or around Nov.22." I'm just very concerned about the whole random gun and mask colour thing. I'm in LOVE with the green gun and would really rather not get any other colour. But my chances are slim....Rank your fave gun colours from 1 - BEST 4 - WORST!...

Best iPad Background EVER!

Setup my iPad today after destroying and re-doing my room. I'm in love with the fact that it looks so kick ass with the MCR coffin. SO GLAD WE HAVE THE NEW ALBUM COVER to put the cherry ON TOP! Pure Apple/MCR bliss. :)

Can't Wait For Halloween...And I'm 20.

Yup, I'm 20 years old and way too old to trick or treat but...HELL YEAH! I love this time of year. I can't wait to make a kick ass killjoy costume and hand out candy while getting plastered and watching old horror movies from the 50's. This year is gunna kick ass!

PS. I hate the phrase Ieroween. It sounds nothing like Halloween and is frankly, retarded.

Fuck...I'm An Idiot.

Lately I've been looking up all my friends who I've burnt in my past. I want to try and make amens with everyone I've left on bad terms. It takes years of regret to realize your an idiot at heart, and although my friends have treated me well, this burden of hate consumes me. :(

My Killjoy Name...ROCKS!

I dunno why fans started giving them selves killjoy names. My names Tyler, Therefore my killjoy Tyler. Enough said.


So, I used to be a hard-core emo kid in high school, but I've grown out of it all except for the skinny jeans. There used to be this kid in my school who used to make fun of me for being emo. Just randomly came across a picture of him on the internet, AND NOW HE'S EMO! I have to find this kid and get my revenge. Who's the emo kid now...bitch.

Rays New Vest, Gerards Old Jacket.

Looks like the old jean jacket Gerard used to wear has been repurposed into Rays killjoy vest. I love that they've recycled it, but...I LOVED THAT JACKET! ...Yes, I am a jacket slut and have more jackets then I do other clothes. But damn good thing to because FALL IS HERE! Aka, FAVOURITE time of year!