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Thank GOD for Free Health Care!

After spending two days puking up blood every other 5 minutes, and in and out trips to the hospital for a still unknown reason, I'M BETTER! In the two days I was sick I was only able to listen to about half of Na Na Na. So happy I'm better and can continue my daily routine of sketching and CRANKING MCR!

HA HA. Victory in the name of M C R!

I've conned my whole family into watching the new MCR music video at 11...or 12? I dunno,I'm gunna start watching at 10 to 11 to be safe. Anyway, AWESOME! New My Chem kicks ass, they'll see!

Swearing In "Danger Days"

Sweet, you can tell which new MCR songs have swearing in them by looking at the "clean" album on iTunes. And the winners are...

Na Na Na
Planetary (GO!)
Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back
and, Vampire Money

Gotta love a good fuck er' two. Pun intended: Maybe.
But Seriously, swearing usually means the song is going to be heavier, or "thrashier" so, hopefully these are the badass tracks.

What Ever Happened To....

"Bullet Proof Heart" being a single. It may be the third single from the album or something? MCR stated that "Na Na Na" kinda only became a single because of the MASS HYPE over the trailer that featured the song. So, perhaps it took the place of "Bullet Proof Heart," I don't know about you guys but...I REALLY WANNA HEAR this song next. :D

Random MCR Fact...

Today marks the 1,448th day since the release of MCR's last studio album, "The Black Parade."

"We Don't Need Another Song About California" ...NEW MCR SONG!

If you scroll through the track listing of MCR's deluxe version of "Danger Days" on itunes you get an additional song not found on the regular edition, called "We Don't Need Another Song About California." I'm really hoping its a trashy punk song and not something extra like "Blood"...but hears hoping! Can't wait!!!

"The Only Hope..." I Give It 5,000 Stars out of 10!

I'm surprised "The Only Hope.." is getting as much criticism as people are giving it. It was pretty predictable to say that we're not going to recognize MCR on the newest album at all. They've gone way out of their comfort zone and have created a monster of a rock album. I personally think that the new song is brilliant. A huge sweeping chorus thats right up there with "Famous Last Words." MCR have one again given us a completely different fresh sound and are killing it.

New MCR Music Video Co-Directed By Gerard Way!

When I first read the article about the new MCR music video for Na Na Na I didn't see that little tid-bit of information. Then I read the article on my iPad MTV app and it said that Gerard was co-directing the video with "Roboshobo." It's kind of disappointing that he's not co-directing with Marc Webb. Gerard did say back in 09' that he's getting more into directing, especially with the Umbrella Academy movie soon going into production. But, I'm very excited to see the video. Thursday can't come fast enough! :D

Drugs, Gimme Drugs, Gimme Drugs...

I'm currently getting very stoned and listening to MCR. Na Na Na really comes alive on this shit! ...friends rock.

PS. I DON'T condone drug use. Just sayin...its just weed anyway.

Killjoy Name and Custom RAY GUN!

Today I decided to draw myself a killjoy gun. I gave the gun a logo and call it "The Decaffenator." This is just a rough copy that I wanted to get down on paper, but hopefully sometime soon I'll find the time to start from the ground up, I really want to perfect the crazed coffee cup logo. :D See...boredom brings creative ideas. It really, really does.