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CANADIAN KILLJOYS, Hear "SING" Tomorrow at 4:30!!!

MCR's new single "SING" is going to be aired tomorrow on the Canadian radio station 88.7FM at 4:30pm. I'm so pumped, although we can't all get on planes and fly down to Cali to hear the new album on the 9th, we can at least catch SING, tomorrow at 4:30!!!! Finally some good news for Canadian killjoys!

I Changed The Welcome Page On The MCR Site...I Think?

Yup, if you load up it used to have a picture of the Danger Days box set with a picture of the physical(animated) Danger Days CD and Na Na Na Single. So I messaged Jeff and asked if the Na Na Na single came with the box set and wasn't mentioned, or if I should go buy one when it comes out on the 8th. I didn't get a response, but would you look at that. Now the picture on the MCR site is of the Danger Days CD next to it's proper "Mad Gear And Missile Kid" EP...Your welcome?

Have You Ordered The Box Set Yet?

Show of hands(comments) how many of you killjoys bought the Danger Days 2019 Edition box set?...I had a problem with my first order and had to re-order it from Rhino records tonight. But...all is well, HOPE I GET THE GREEN GUN!

PS. I bet customs is going to have a hell of a time shipping these...they'll keep seeing all these funkily coloured guns go through the scanners. Funny.

Hugs, Gimme Hugs, Gimme Hugs...

Yup, I was listening to my local radio station today and Na Na Na came on. And, the replacement for drugs, was hugs. So friggin funny, wish I could download that version instead of it being bleeped. lmao. Gotta love em.

"SING" Single Rumours.

So apparently the next single on the Danger Days album is going to be SING. The supposed single artwork is included with the blog if you wanna snatch that for the MCR folder I KNOW you all have on your computers. lmao. CAN'T WAIT! Like I said, My Chemical November is going to be AMAZING!

My Chemical November!

Wow, Danger Days is literally just around the corner and so is November it's self. We've all been waiting so long for this moment and I know November is going to KILL...US...ALL! We've got some MCR shows and on Nov. 8th we can hear the full version of "Zero Percent" and buy the Na Na Na CD single. New merch starts shipping out later in the month and I'm sure we'll be catching MCR on TV more often as well as the record release show and the Danger Days album on the 22ND!!!! That's why its so perfect to call it, My Chemical November! CANNOT WAIT!

Reaction To Planetary (GO!)

I've seen this song floating around youtube and you can find great quality audio in some of them. It sounds like a darker, kinda synthy pop song. Good beat and has some pretty cool lyrics. It's catchy enough to easily replace Na Na Na for a spot of being stuck in my head. I have high hopes for this song and know the recorded version is going to blow me away. :) I think we've all heard enough material off of the new album to know it's gunna be, FUCKIN KILLER!

Na Na Na Music Vid, Still Not On iTunes.

I'm surprised it's taken the video this long to hit itunes. The deluxe Danger Days download includes the video, but you have to wait until Nov.22 along with the album. I just pre-ordered mine, and I'm very very excited! ...wish I could see Na Na Na on my mobile apple devices :(

Stories From The Zones?

So, if you type in the proper sequence of numbers on the transmissions page, you get entrance to submit your "Stories From The Zones" where you can upload a video to I assume is MCR to appear on the transmission channel. Sounds interesting, anyone find this?

Your #1 All-Time FAVOURITE MY CHEM Song!

What's your favourite MCR song! I'm gunna be a stickler here and say YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE! One MCR song that describes you, becomes you and IS YOU! C'mon MCRmy, number one favourite MCR song of all time.