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Danger Days, Removable Title Tab?!

So, by the looks of a lot of websites, Danger Days will appear on your CD shelves looking like the image provide with this blog, since the original image provided by Frank does not have the band's album title or name. This fact and the picture suggests that the Danger Days title may have a removable clear sticker tab. Or so some rumours are suggesting...I just hope we get a version without the damn pink writing. Not cool...


So ever since I moved to this shit ass town I've always thought I'm the only kid in this town BY FAR that likes MCR. Well today I was proven wrong. I started following an MCR fan on twitter and just found out she goes to the high school across the road from my house. This is epic. I guess 'm just SUPER happy that another MCR fan lives lose by.

PS. @blackandred on twitter....I'm talking about you.

My Family And Friends Love DANGER DAYS!

So, wether I'm talking to people on some sort of online chat and can send them MP3 files, or just chilling with my sister and her boyfriend to other random people around. I've been able to "contaminate" everyone that I know with Danger Days. They're all giving it a really positive reaction, and for the first time when I woke up this morning my sister was cranking "Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back." and she's not even a big fan at all ...CANNOT WAIT FOR THE 22ND!


So many people have been saying the album is coming out on the 19th? Where are people getting this info from. Last I heard from nearly every single web site on the interweb that it was coming out on the 22nd. It even says at the top of the MCR homepage, "Danger Days...In Stores Monday 11.22.10." Is MCR like the only band with millions of rumours about confirmed things? ...heavy sigh MCRmy, heavy sigh...

We've Heard the Majority of Danger Days: Your Thoughts?

So like it says in the title, I'm sure we've all heard...
The Only Hope For Me Is You
Na Na Na
Zero Percent
The Kids From Yesterday
A rendition of..."Party Poison"
Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back
Look Alive, Sunshine

So, what's everyones thoughts. I personally think the heavier songs like "Save Yourself" are what MCR have been saying is the purest most distilled form of the band, and are amazing so far! I'm still very eager to hear the rest of the album and am not going to give in to any more free song downloads until the 22nd!

Zero Percent!!!!

Go to youtube and check out Zero Percent, the B-Side to Na Na Na!!! It's an amazing track, like MCR on radio active speed pills drinking too much red bull stuck in an old radio from the future! Confusing, yes. AMAZING: FUCK YES! Love this track...It put's the rawr in MCR.


I'm posting this because a) I'm bored and b) so that hopefully the MCR gods will look upon this blog and bless me with a gun thats not the yellow one. C'mon GREEN RAY GUN! Although I'll probably get Ray's gun because by chance I have his TBPID Mask and action figure. :( 18 DAYS!!!

People Who Make Money From MCR's Success...

So, I was watching an amazing quality version of one of MCR's newer european shows on youtube and the person is offering the sale of the DVD for 10 bucks. This really grinds my gears. This person only went to this concert to film it and make money from the band afterwards. I find that SO wrong. It should be MCR getting the profits, or at least Warner Bros. Not some crack pot who snuck a camera into the show. People like this person make me sick...stop trying to gain profit from the success of someone else. It's just wrong...

Killjoy: The Decaffenator.

I created and named my killjoy, The Decaffenator. Story behind it is that I search the zones looking for coffee to keep me energized, I don't carry a ray gun instead have a mask and canteen to carry the brew in. I took plenty of pictures on my computer and will post more with all the accessories I rounded up. The mask is a play on the large mouse mask Party Poison wears and the BL Industries logo. ...the pictures are low quality, I know. :D

CANADIAN KILLJOYS, Hear "SING" Tomorrow at 4:30!!!

Finally some good news for Canadian Killjoys up in the North zones. Lol. If you tune into The Canadian Radio Station 88.7FM tomorrow at 4:30, you'll be able to catch "SING" making it's radio debut. With a download of the single sure to be hitting the net soon after. Again, catch "SING" MCR's new single from Dangers Days tomorrow at 4:30...and 7:30pm!!! MAKE SOME NOISE!