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If I Were Santa...


Since Bob's Not in MCR Anymore...

I thought it necessary to hang him by his neck, his crime is leaving (Or most likely being booted from) My Chem.

My Copy Of Danger Days!!!

Went to the mall this morning, and picked up my copy. Fuckin brilliant!


...inspired by Mother War and TUA.

How's Everyone Celebrating DANGER DAYS!

It's late, but like my usual life I can't sleep. How's everyone celebrating Danger Days lout there in the zones? I myself am taking a bus to the mall, gunna buy the CD the minute the mall opens and then catch the afternoon matinee of Harry Potter 7 pt1. REALLY excited! Had I not already heard the album, I wouldn't be able to sit through HP! LESS THAN A DAY!!!

PS. The picture is the shirt that inspired the "Slaughter Matic Sounds" logo created by colleen atwood.

KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!!! that my cat will finally wake up for supper.

The Spelling of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

So I always wondered why it would be spelt with the slashes. But due to some info I found on the BLI site, it states that "the scarecrow unit was found mutilated" or something to that effect. I think that's why they spell scarecrow like this...cause the words, look dismembered(as mentioned on BLI site). So...if thats the case. FUCKIN RAD!!!

PS. The new SING video mentions the Scarecrow Unit as well.

Better Living Industries Gets a Website AND Merch!!!

Yup, you can go to and buy a few t-shirts, a mug a pencil. And they put up a phoney add for a 15 thousand dollar draculoid gun. ahaha, awesome. Hope we can get an "Individual" one in the future! AWESOME!!! I want the mug and a TEE!!!

Danger Days. A Review

Waves of erie sound begin to pour from your stereo as Dr.Death Defying your Host from the year 2019 insists you Look Alive, Sunshine, and straight from the off your immersed into the world of Danger Days:The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. As the dust clears you can either start to hear a gang of psychotic run aways, or an old rusted trans am tearing down the dirt roads of Na Na Na. Gerard's sassy vocal flares and snips bring you through laser play and rocket fights as the tension swells up to an epic breakdown of filthy proportion.

Anyone Get Their Killjoy Mask?

When Jeff posted the free masks, and everyone who made it in time to get one jumped on board, who of you ordered some? Have you gotten your mask(s) yet?