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have you seen this??

this video almost makes me cry.. I fucking love it ! it makes you realize how much we love MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. if you didn't watched it .. then you should ;)

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there is a way to vote several times without getting blocked :D

the only thing you have to do is click with the secondary bottom to this link : ... and select the first option .. this will open another page .. do this a lot of times so you can open lots of pages... then just VOTEEE .. we're gonna win thiss !!
come on killjoyss!! keep voting !! :D

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boreedd :)

hi killjoys ! I just wanted to share with you this pic ... (bored)



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I just love you guys! <3

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for everything.. I'd never think that a site could change a life.. this site changed mine.. and is of course because of YOU KILLJOYS !! so, thank you so much

love yaa all !!

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some love from argentinaaa!!

holaaa a todos los argentinoos de nuevoo! .. dije q iba a escribir mas seguido en español :P (no lo hice pero ahora lo voy a hacer) .. saben q aprendii gracias a esta pag que "lol" significa laugh out loud :O jaja cuando todos los ponian yo nii idea q significaba esoo :P.. otra cosaa, ya es la posta q MCR no va a venir a la Argentina para ésta gira con blink asi q calculo q van a veniir para cuando hagan el siguiente album (no se si sabian q estan trabajando en un nuevo cd) .. la cosaa es q los quieroo ver yaaaaaa .. espero q vengann prontoo :) ahh y amo como le queda a gerard su pelo negro (de nuevo) aunque voy a extrañar na na na sin el loco pelo rojo .. bue ya voy a seguir escribiendo en español y espero ver mas blogs en español tambien :D lovee to all the beautiful killjoys out there!!!

stay beautiful .. keep it ugly

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this won't happen again!

30STM is winning -.- are we going to let them win us again??? come on killjoyss !! make somee noiseee vote till your fingers hurt !!! vote vote vote!!

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okay MCR has to win best world stage !!!

I can not believe 30STM won MCR ...

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I wanna trick or treating too :(

in my country (argentina) we don't celebrate halloween :( and is something that I'd loved to do. since... always.. because I'd loved to drees like a killjoy or maybe like the mother war from the black parade or I could make up like a skeleton like mcr were on the concerts !!! I wanna celebrate halloween too :(

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happy birthday frankiee!!

and happy halloween to all the killjoys !!

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soo gerard dyed of black again ??? .. I loved his bright red :/