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Sooooooo bored....xD

don't think anyone here want's to know but I'm soooo bored that I painted my toenails and load up the picture xD
And notice: painted them orange-black...I can't wait for Halloween :D

Gee and Mikey at BBC Radio...

I recorded the whole interview with my digi-cam but it takes sooooo long to upload it -.- so I posted the webcam-pics BBC showed us...

...cover-songs on youtube....

I covered some songs of mcr and posted them on'll find me there if you search for mychemicalmartha
so check them out and don't forget to comment! ;)

I'm everyone but Ray xD

(x) You're born in April
(x) You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
(x) You're a born leader
( ) You love drawing and you do it well
(x) You love singing (and I do it well xD)
(x) You don't take shit from anyone
( ) You're afraid of needles
( ) You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
(x) You've got siblings and you love them
( ) You're the oldest child
Total: 6

( ) You're born in July
( ) You play the guitar
( ) You've got a scar on your head
( ) You can't swim
( ) You've got a FRO!!!
( ) You're 6'1"
( ) You're shy
( ) You wear contact lenses
( )

Can't sleep, can't eat...can't stop thinkin bout Danger Days....

you see, I finally finished my photo-shoot in my brand new killjoy-costume and I thought about a great Killjoy-name, too...Detonation Lover... I love my new costume thing and my new name :D

I can't wait for the tour (cause I'm gonna be a part of it) and I can't f***ing wait for Danger Days!!!