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I'm sooo late?...well DEAL WITH IT YOUR SELF!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :)

Gerard's new hair... Watch around the 1:04 minute mark :)
Talent Show!!!
Guess! wat?!?! I"m gonna be playing the drums at my school's talent show tomorrow!!! I'm so excited because I'm playing HELENA!!! yeah that's right! but I'm also nervous because I've never played infront of this many people.... but MCR!!! aaaaaaahhhhhhh :) so wish me luck as I bring MCR to the all girls private catholic college preparatory high school I go to.hahaha :) MCR!!!!!
Not mine, not theirs, not yours, yet they save them...
So I have been thinking how amazing My Chemical Romance is and yeah the same "they rock"..."they are hot"..."they sound insane!"...stereotypical thoughts came to mind, note that they are not my thoughts but thats what other people tell me about them, but have you ever thought , like deeply thought, about how important and great they are? I mean they save lives! for gods' sake with MUSIC! now i don't know many people who have a carreer as saving lives with music, in fact i don't know any!
How could I make it with out MCR?
Well I'm just about to begin writing another essay for my AP European History class...see the thing is I suck at writting these things and it takes me about 6 hours to write a two page essay....Yeah I'm not okay (*song pops in my head*) when history and the english language combine :P Good thing I have My Chemical Romance to keep me company in my room on my laptop as I start those painful hours of thinking...I don't think i would be able to write an essay without listening to MCR. Well without them I probably would fail school, considering they also keep me company during those all-nighter