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So, I wanna start by saying, everyone keeps saying they "broke up." I don't really think that's the right term for it. I'm sure they're all still friends, and everything's fine, they just stopped making music. Of course, I don't know this for sure, I'm just saying what I think.
I woke up at 4 am because my room was hot as hell and I couldn't sleep. So I went to turn the heat off and checked my phone and one of my friends texted me telling me what happened and it sucked so bad.
I am endlessly thankful for My Chemical Romance being there for me over the past couple years.


Okay so on a lighter note, aside from the Mikey stuff, I'm seeing We Came As Romans and The Used in TWO DAYS and I'm so excited. I've been trying to see WCAR for a year and I've missed 4 shows now I finally get to see them! Also I'm going to an Of Mice & Men Tilly's signing in 9 days and I'm also really excited about that because i couldn't meet them at Warped. But yeah so it's gonna be a pretty good week.

this is what's really happening

People who are saying Mikey and Alicia are getting divorced so he didn't cheat, that's not true. They were together on christmas and Alicia did an interview and she was talking about Mikey and referred to him as her HUSBAND. So they were still together, and yes he did cheat. Honestly this isn't really my problem. I'm more concerned about what's gonna happen with the band.

Sleeping With Sirens AGAIN!

I got my best friend Collide With The Sky tickets for her birthday and Pierce the Veil is headlining, but I'm going for Sleeping With Sirens. It's Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Hands Like Houses, and Tonight Alive. I'm really excited and this will be my second time seeing SWS and PTV this year, but I've never seen HLH or Tonight Alive. So it should be fun!

Warped Tour!

So I know I'm late, but I went to Warped July 19th and it was pretty good. We got there and looked at set times and realized I missed Falling In Reverse and I almost cried. I wanted to see them so bad. I saw All Time Low first and I don't like them but I went because my friend wanted me to. They're really good live. After that, we saw Of Mice & Men and my friend was scared to step into the crowd so I had to stand way back with her to watch them which sucked, but they were still amazing. After OG Loko, someone fell in the pit and Austin made everyone move over and stuff so he could get up.


Is anyone else going to Warped this year? I'm so excited for it!

Shayley Bourget?

If you're an Of Mice & Men fan, then you probably already know that Shayley left. I know they have a replacement bassist for Warped Tour but does anyone know what's happening with their clean vocals? Shayley had a really unique voice and you can't really replace or duplicate it, so they can't just get a random person to do it! I have no clue who's doing clean singing for them live now, so if anyone knows, thanks!

Happy birthday 3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge, congratulations, and Warped Tour!

So first of all, happy birthday TCFSR!! This is literally my favorite album. My favorite songs are Hang Em High and It's Not a Fashion Statement. Next, congratulations My Chemical Romance for winning best international band at the Kerrang! awards! So happy for them. And also, is anyone going to Warped this year? I'm going with my best friend and my sister and I'm so excited. None of us have ever gone before so it should be fun. We're planning on seeing and meeting The Used, Mayday Parade, Sleeping With Sirens, Blessthefall, All Time Low, You Me At Six and Of Mice & Men. I'm really excited.


Okay, so I haven't been on here in forever. First of all, happy late birthdays to Gerard, Lynz, and Bandit! CONGRATULATIONS FRANK AND JAMIA!!! I'm so happy for them. They're gonna have such a cute little family. :) Also, even if you're not a Sleeping With Sirens or the Goo Goo Dolls fan, I still suggest you go listen to Sleeping With Sirens' cover of Iris because it's amazing and you won't regret it. That's all. Bye, Killjoys!

Sleeping With Sirens

I saw Sleeping With Sirens last night and they were amazing. Abandon All Ships opened for them, and they were one of the best live bands i've ever seen. I waited so long to see SWS though, and they were perfect.