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im obsessed.

i wish i knew how to spell obsessed right :p
anywayz, you know how im still learning more MCR songs right?
well i heard thank you for the venom, AND IM FREAKING OBBSESSED!
i have open house tomorrow at school.
its like where the parents meet the teacher and stuff.
then i was like
me:isnt open house a trap for parents?
me: the school wants all the parents to come. so its like their going to keep them hostage and make us live at school.
then the teacher hit me over the head...
student abuse doode!

aight, i guess people liked the last one, so let me make another onee (:

dear helena,

im under pressure. i just realized that vampires will never hurt you, not even the sharpest lives. i just saw the ghosts of you, while i was cemetery driving [??] these people are disenchanted! you like my blood in my hair? its not a fashion statement though. its a death wish. these Dead! people have cancer.. i dont love you. im sorry, but im moving to a house of wolves,, so right now im not okay.
i cant keep my romance with you, because teenagers are sleeping.
i will write to you, even to the end, helena.

[okay, i dont know if this doesnt make sense. srry if it doesnt :p ]

a paragraph out of MCR lyrics (:

honey, this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us,
so hang em high, thank you for the venom. just in case your wondering, im not okay and i dont love you, your famous last words. and one more thing. i never told you what i did for a living.
to me, this is the best day ever. mama, if you sleep, then this is how i dissapear. go ahead and kill all your friends, and give em hell kid. but you know what they do with guys like us in prison: they put us in a house of wolves and then we wake up next to a girl named helena, and then when we do, it would be the early sunsets of monroeville.


my back!

my back hurts cuz i borught 2 books in my bag,
then helld one book -.-
so question- howd you find MCR?
i found these awesome pictures (:


anyone got it?
cuz if you do, tell me your tumblr.

if it were up to me, i would

i would
-change school hours to 9am to 2pm
-have parties and sleepovers almost everyday
-make mychemicalromance come to japan.
-make 30secondstomars come to japan
-my friends from ireland move here
-make people be nice to each other. D:<
-put ACs in every classroom in summer, but heaters in winter
-shop every single weekend
-no one deserve acne, zits, pimples, and blackheads!
-make those models be just like us, worry about stuff and dont have their pictures airbrushed/touched up.
-the "popular" ones at school would just have an embarrassing moment every single day
-the sluts just come to

Eh. O_o

7th grade. I love it (: Science class has A/C, (air conditioning) and we're going to do an experiment that involves thumb wrestling. (:
Today, our experiment involved peanuts. Me and my friend ate our experiments xD
then we went to english, then we were dismissed to lunch early (: but i couldnt enjoy it. my jaw wont open all the way, so i have to stuff my food through my teeth.
and my locker got fixed (: i just got the wrong number code -.-
Yes, im talking about my day, and as you see, it was better than

few nights ago

im copying again. im sorry ): but i dont have any ideas.
well anyways,
a dream about MCR and 30SecondsToMars

30STM had a concert here, and it was on a blimp..
i was on that blimp with them, and MCR was there too. all of a sudden, i fell o the blimp, and all i did was bruise my arm
my crush, gerard, and jared came up to me to see if i was okay. i was still alive, then somehow we ended up in an awesome slide and slid, then they all kissed me..

i want a sequel (:

i stole this from someonee :D

RULE 1. all u have to say is GUILTY or INNOCENT only.

RULE 2. if u have read this, u have to make one too.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Asked someone to marry you?
guilty- joke (:

Kissed one of your friends?

Danced on a table in a bar?

Ever told a lie?

Had feelings for someone whom you can't have back?

Kissed a picture?
guilty- it was for fun, and obsession.

Slept in until 5 PM?.

Fallen asleep at work/school?

Held a snake?

Been suspended from school?

Worked at a fast food restaurant?

Stolen from a store?


shopping daaay (:

i went shopping today (:
got a gauge, 18 G x]
yeah, ima chicken to make it bigger. but anyways, sadly in japan, they dont have mcr stuff. only "arashi" :p
what does mcrmy mean?