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confusion part 2

this is almost like my last blog.
anyone wanna tell me whats up with the horse talk nd what the band is up to..
still confused..
thanks you in advance(:


i dont get what anyone is talking about on their blog.. im kinda confused...
anyone wanna tell me whats going on?

what happened yesterday..

i had friendship friday yesterday(:
its this thing after school, and we went to the beach, and swam nd stuff. but i high-fived too much people...
nd my guy friend bit my finger and licked my arrm.
but it was still fun(;
whats your favorite song from MCR?
me- dead!, disenchanted, thank you for your venom, hang em high, i never what i told you what i did for a living, and alot more :p

anymore tumblr users?

usually, i use tumblr, but i dont feel like reblogging that much.
but now, im following some of the MCRmy. which means i go on tumblr every freaking day and reblog as much as i can.

can you follow me and ill follow you?

heres me

please and thankyou<3


am i the only one who hasnt been on this site cuz it was under constuction??
ive been checking day and night :D
but yaaayyy


okay, this guy i used to date, and i still like was listening to famous last words, and he likes it (:
he's starting to like thier songs.. i think xD

but hey, if you likes MCR now, i think i will NEVER stop liking him..
there only a few people who like mcr here );

ithink.. well, i know of..

:P conversation.. again

i was talking with my friend, and he said he had to go in one minute.

and before that, i was like "what would you do if i died?"

okay, heres our conversation.

me: what would you do if i died?

him: idunno, go to your funeral?

me: no crying?

him: no. i dont cry. the last time i cried was when..wait, you dont need to know that.

me: whattt..

him: i gotta go in one min bfore my mom kills me.. and then you'll have to buy me my clothes for my funeral.

me: you suck. DONT GO!! and yes. i will buy you.. A PINK SUITT!

the end.. xD

my conversations are preii weird cuz of me/.

(: blood backwards.. (x

its freaking funny..
at least to me O_o

a conversation during P.E

mrs JJ- OKAY, run 10 laps around the gym!
peopl: awwwww!

*while running*
stefani- doode, how many laps have we ran?
me- FOUR! *hold up 4*
*person runs into my hand then hits his eye

mrs JJ: check your pulse for 10 seconds, then multiply it by 46!
me: OMG! IM UNHEALTHY!! ITS 1,something...
me: I KNOW!!
mrs JJ: i said multiply it by 6!
me:YOU SAID 46!!


classical music comes back to haunt me..

science class the other day, we were talking about classical music helping us study easier and get A's.

i said that listening to MCR helps me better. and then people were talking about how weird that was...

then a few mintutes ago, i was tryna listen to a song from MCR, when classical music came up.
i was freaking out cuz i didnt knwo where it was coming from.. and then i closed almost everything, and then it kept going for a lil while, then stopped...

i think the classical music monster ghost doode is going to get me D: