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my birthday is in exactly 10 days(:

october6, it'll be my friend[yoko] and i's birthday(:


stephanie and me are going to buy her a dress, cuz she always has to borrow from someone else -.-

but noow! :3
we're going to bake her a cake, give her the dress and accessories..

yeah, we're the awesomest friends everrr(:


lyrics number threee

people havent been commenting my posts...
did i do something to you guys?
well, ima do another one of the lyric paragraph stuff....

and ima try to use the new album's songs (:

Dear PartyPoison

Look alive sunshine, i know you have a Bulletproof Heart. The kids from yesterday saw everything in the Summertime. But seriously, Save Yourself, and I'll hold them back. SING, MAN! SING!! I will remind you, My only hope is You.
so.. tell that doode, --Goodnite, Dr. Death.

okay, its not that good..
try making it..


i wanna go to an MCR concert.

but aiight.
i can live...
<3 byebye.

GrOuNdEd -.-

im grounded..
but i can use the laptop tonight cuz its a weekend(:

but i miss blogging (x

so what did i miss??
yeah, and i got grounded cuz my japanese teacher sent my dad an email that my retest was worst than my real test...

now im here..
so update pleasee<3

anybody know H.Y.P.E?

theyre these people whos like
"you control your future" and stuff like that
they went to my school..
they wanted volunteers, and i raised my hand..

and guess what?
i had to do the chicken dance:P
i dont normally do that...


shows in europe but not in asia?
and the first time ever, my hair is out of my face for more than 10 seconds O_o

anywayz, today was picture day, which wasnt cool.
my friend put blue mascara and black eyeliner-- i liked it..
im supposed to finish my math HW, but i dont understand it.

aiight, question---
you like MCR's new style?
I DO(:

gerard, mikey, frank, ray..the new doode...

im serious, i was in europe 2 months ago, NOW YOU GO?!

you should come to Okinawa Japan (:

you got alottta fans here, you just dont know it (:


(: had fun today

today, i went to mihama, a hangout place with stores
i got my dream dress, ill post pictures of it later.
i got to hang out with my crush, sage...
im aware, if he sees, its okay(x

we went on this scary ride and ive been hiding xD

anywayz, MCR was on my mind the whole time (;
aight. ima go eat something now.


it all makes sense :D

okay, not ALLL.
im still kinda confused(x

new drummers and stuff :p

okay, i think.
for some odd reason.
but its probably not true
and i think
this is not true
but i think
that the new doode
and what im about to say
might not be true, and i know it wont be
but i think
that the new doode
jared leto..
i dunno why.
glad to know you read this :D