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this is stolen from someone x)

[x] Talked back to a teacher.
[x] Been kicked out of a class.
[x] Worn your pajamas to school.
[x] Had your tooth fall out during school.
[x] Gotten yourself lost in your school.
[x] Broken the dress code in your school.
[x] Completely and utterly failed a test.
[x] Left your class without asking anybody.
[x] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[x] Thrown up your lunch in school.
[x] Argue with your parents a lot.
[] Argue with your brother[s] a lot.
[x] Argue with your sister[s] a lot.
[x] Do your own laundry.
[x] Cook dinner once in a while.
[x] Are loud and obnoxious at

stupid friends :P

when i listen to mcr, theyre like "omg kristina. this is junk!"
in my heart, i say "shut up--or die." but then i say "whatever."
bleh. they should listen to them more often >:)

woah. hypnotized much?

wow. for the past 2 hours, ive been listening to mcr, drawing thier albums, and just talk about them x)
who knew..