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Is there anyone out there at all?

I'm so freakin tired of this. What's the point anymore? Why can't I go a freaking day without crying? I'm tired of all the bullcrap. I'm tired of those people who don't try and get anything and everything they want but when you try so freaking hard you get nothing. I hate not being able to say what I want to someone. Just to let it all out because there is no one.Yeah, I have you guys. You're all wonderful and very great people but someone so far away isn't going to help. I have no real friends. They're all fake. And it killed me when I found that out. Thinking that for once someone was there. And now they're all gone. What the crap did I do to deserve this? Sometimes I think I have to go through this because everyone thinks I'm strong enough to. But when I really think about it, it's not freaking true. And then I think hey, someone out there has it way worse. And it's true. But this sucks.

I wish someone,anyone, could just tell me why.

Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? That song up there would be my backround music in life.It may not be MCR but it means so much to me.Just last week I've dealt with the dirty looks,the hateful comments,the pushing into lockers in the hallway,and so much more.Surprised I haven't punch some prissy girls in the face by now.Two years is just too much.And the saying sticks and stones is a lie.Words DO hurt.My dad asked why I cry over this...But it's gone too far.He doesn't get it.My mom tries to calm me down.Sometimes it's not enough.

When you really listen to this song (I'm sure a lot of us can relate) it's like Shinedown took the words right out of my mouth and spoke it out to the world for all to hear.If you haven't heard this song or you don't like Shinedown...Please listen.For most it'll help.For others it may make them feel like a lot of people go through this..and it's true.

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For my uncle Steve.

Dear Uncle Steve,

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Tornadoes came through a while ago. Luckily,My town didn't get hit.So many around us did though.It's so scary.If you have never heard the sounds of a tornado while being packed into a small room,YOUR LUCKY.

I cry sometimes because of it. After everything had passed we got a double rainbow. Pretty awesome if you ask me.I'll be sure to get a pic.

And finally,

I want to say,Stay strong to anyone who has lost their homes because of this.Some of my friends had found letters,checks,and cards from Indiana that came to Ohio because of all this weather.Pics of that too.It's so sad.Stay strong guys.

Mychem.Em <3

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Oh gawd.I feel stupid...

I was wondering why no one had commented back on my blogs...

Commenting was disabled. -.-

Oh well...I fixed it!

On the other hand...

I decided that I should write KILLJOY on my knuckles today at school along with a ♥ and what'd I get for that?

History teacher: "Why does your knuckles say kill?
Me:"That's not the whole thing.It says Killjoy."
Teacher: That's not appropriate.
Me:"It's nothing bad.I swear."
Teacher:"Go wipe that off."
Me:"Whatever... -.- "

I didn't take it off....and boy was she mad when she saw it again.I didn't get anything for it though.I think I should be allowed to write that,shouldn't I? It's not like I wrote Piss off or something right? Ughhhh WHY? If little preppy girls are allowed to sing songs about sex and drugs and all that pop stuff I should be able to write KILLJOY. I think I'll wear one of my MCR shirts tomorrow just to see what she says.

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What is this new universe? Where am I?!?! 0.0


Yay! I haven't really gotten on here and actually blogged in a while.I'm glad I finally took the time to do this instead of come on here, read people's stuff,and get off.

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Randomness you guys probably don't care about....

First off,
Shappy Thanksgiving!!!

If you like Blink and know about this....I got 182 on the sign!!!! Pic. to prove above.I also got 181 and 183 before that.It made me so mad.If you like Blink and have no clue what Im talking about...Click this:
If you dont like Blink.....ignore my rant on that.

And finally-
Ever get the feeling the person you like doesnt like you after he/she told you they did?
I DID.And then he came to me when he was crying.I thought he was ignoring me and thought I was annoying because I probably message him a lot.I feel better now though.

If you hate when people go on about crap like that ^ then ignore me....If you dont care,Go on with your day/night and pay no attention. :)

-MyChem.Em xD

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Got my assessments back today.I failed one. I have never failed before.I always get atleast a B.
My mom's very mad and I dont know what to do.She wants to meet the teacher now too.


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Walking Dead anyone?

Lol.Anyone else watch this? Or no? ... (:


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Oh how I've missed my blogging days!

I know I blogged yesterday but didnt for a long time before that.I've been really busy with school, drawing, and Marching Band that I havent had time for anything else.Sorry guys