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I've decided the song I will sing for you all, and it's "I Don't Love You". However, my crappy mic makes my voice sound a lot more childish than it actually is. I'll post it soon, just waiting for the right time, I suppose. Plus, will anyone even watch it? We'll see.

Bands: A-Z

A - Anthrax, Arcade Fire, AC/DC.
B - Black Flag, Bauhaus.
C - The Cure, The Clash.
D - David Bowie, Die Antwoord, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Def Leppard, Dead Kennedys.
E - Evanescence, Empire Of The Sun.
F - Fleetwood Mac, Florence + The Machine, Foo Fighters.
G - Gorillaz, Guns 'n' Roses, The Gossip.
H - Heart, Happy Mondays, Hole.
I - Iron Maiden, Iggy & The Stooges.
J - Joan Jett, Jane's Addiction.
K - Kiss, The Kinks, Knife Party.
L - Led Zeppelin, Leathermouth, Limp Bizkit, Lynyrd Skynyrd.
M - MCR, Muse, MSI, Metallica, The Misfits, Machine Head, Megadeth, Motorhead, Madonna.

i want to do a thing

I've been thinking about posting a video of me singing, but I don't know if I should or not due to the microphone on my computer making my voice sound like that of a 7 year old. Plus, I don't know which song I should sing. Any suggestions, guys?

The only good thing about valentines day this year is die hard

That's all.


UGH- So my throat infection is luckily on its way out, but the nose is starting to act up. Clogged up and wanting to cry. I fly out to New Zealand tomorrow at 7am, a 24 hour flight from London.

I've started biting my lips because they're so dry due to breathing only through my mouth, and they look horribly mangled, but I can't stop. Ugh this is not a good day.

music with a city view

So, I'm sitting here listening to Cry Me A River by Julie London while my throat infection eats away at my sanity as well as my airways. I'm quite happy with my playlist right now, especially because its so cold outside. I have a bit of a headache too, so instead of listening to the usual loud music, I thought it was time to slow it down a little bit, if only for a few hours. Jazz is the direction I'm heading in. Anyone got any remedies for throat infections/tonsillitis?

OH! And I dyed my hair again. It's black, as usual.

Hello, friends

Sorry about not posting, I've been a little under the weather recently due to anxiety beginning to build up again- What with all the moving of boxes, 20000000000+ suitcases, the constant traveling, and the fact that I seem to have a perpetual stomach ache. I'm a slight hypochondriac, so the nagging thoughts of giant stomach tumors and some sort of tropical infection have not been far away.
I also might be able to go to comic con, seeing as a friend of mine is going to the convention on business (he's in a thing), but emphasis on the might.


Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited to move to New Zealand, but when people constantly ask you "Oh, are you excited?", it can get very tedious responding enthusiastically. My attitude towards experiencing new things, seeing new scenery remains the same, I'm still very excited, but I'm gonna lose it.
In other news, I have discovered that I know all the words to nearly every single MCR song ever, bar one or two from Danger Days. I found out that butterflies taste with their feet and I am allergic to pop music.


Ah, to be back home. Today I got to return to the beautifully bleak atmosphere of London that I live for. I managed to eat some thai food, sit through a depressingly boring dinner and proceed to watch The Sarah Silverman Show at home in my pajamas with my gay friend Michael and my mother. Surprisingly enough, none of that was sarcastic in the slightest.


Yes. Today's word is "apathy". The meaning of apathy is to show a distinct lack of enthusiasm, interest or concern. I have been very apathetic towards most things today, especially dealing with the narrow-minded and mentally incompetent neanderthals that attend my school. Oh, yes, your clever little racist comment will surely get you far in life! Oh, wow, you can slander a gay person, bravo! I-I can't quite believe my eyes- You just insulted someone for the way they dress, I am so impressed!
Honestly, these ignorant blemishes on the face of humanity need to, well, to put it simply, cease to