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i really havent been depress just kept myself busy. now i just think, i think about the past and all the wrong ive done, the times i was bullied and used.


im sorry everyone for my negativity and i will try to post possitive things. (just as soon as they happen)

I Feel

my parents dont let me on the internet on weekdays. i couldnt hold my tears in until i got home and cried in front of the guy i like now he asks me everytime he sees me if im ok. plus i told my friend that i starved that turned out to be a big mistake she keeps shoving food in my face and she told my sister. i feel like im under a magnified glass. i know they care about me but i wish they didnt. and i know i sound whiny and pathetic but i just needed to get that off my chest


today consits of being locked up in my room thinking and wishing.

im sorry

i told myself that i was only going to put happy things up here but im not happy im extremely depressed and ive been that way for a long time. plus today didnt help it was full of mistakes and questioning everything.... im also really confused he tells her one thing but writes in his journal something else.i dont know what to do anymore i cant keep pretending like its not bothuring me ??

Long Time No See!!

Hey i know i havent been on in a long time but that will hopfully change. Not much is new except schools about a month in and i already hate more than half my classes. i like a new guy hes really cool but i have no idea if he likes me. i finding it harder to fake a smile. oh and i found out i shouldnt trust people easily so im gonna try hard with that too. if you want to chat let me know i dont mind, i will defintally be on here more. and whats new with you guys, if nothings new than whats old??

Feeling like shit

I feel like the walls are closing in around me no matter how hard i try to fight it. I'm tried of fighting i don't want to liste to them i do tune them out but sometimes they're words slip through.

morning hope

good morning everyone!! i have a feeling today is going to be a good day with some more hard work. i dont want to sstop my hard work until my stories complete. i think its going to be worth it. mmy fammilys supportive and is helping out a lot, they even want to read them. i hope today continues lke it is totally awesome.

work all day:D

ive been tweeking my store all day. i just want to make sure its perfect before i post it on wattpad i even got my sister to help. but im still nervous and not sure.


how do i change the picture on my account on this wbsite?