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I'm trying so hard not to crumple under this evil creature called depression, I'm trying so hard.
My life is others.
My family is nice...most of the time.
I'm happy.. Am I?

I'm fat
I'm awkward
I'm just...just so tired.
So very tired.

I see you crawling depression
Slithering towards me like a snake
So dark and beautiful yet extremely deadly
Yet I'm still alive...barely

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experiences: RENT

I'm currently watching the musical and let me just say this is amazing. I'm in love with it! Has anyone else seen it? If so how did you here about it? I kept hearing about it from the youtuber ellosteph(seriously check her out!) and today I stumbled upon it in a rental store:)

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a new project that im creating! everyone is welcomed!

Okay its called experiences. Its really like life experiences you've encountered within the week. For example if your experience was seeing an interesting movie the blot title would be: Experiences: Les Miserables then In the body you could put how it was ask if anyone saw it or etc. It can be about anything. You don't have to routinely do it, and everyone can start now. I'm about to kick it off!

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so this is the new year, and i dont feel any different

I wish the world was flat like the old days so we could travel just by folding a map, no more airplanes or speed trains or freeways, there'd be no distance that could hold us back.There'd be no distance that could hold us back.

Thumbs up if you know what song this is! Hapy new year!!!!!!!!

*Hint death cab for cutie...guess in the comments
**bonus points for guessing the album!

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Happy fuckin new year!!!!!

Goodbye to the worst year ever and hello to a new doorway with fresh starts. My plans for next year: yoga,swim,exercise, meditation,healthy eating,and to be more social, and to get into Whitney Young's 7 and 8 program. Highlights of this year:...realized I'm bi?...uhhhhh....made friends?(this year sucked ass) Hope you guys our enjoying yourselves!!
Never let them take you alive! And enjoy the Doctor Who marathon on channel 264!!!

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happy holidays!!!!!

I am typing this on my new tablet which is much faster than my usual! Hope you all had a merry Christmas!!!!! Awkward moment today when my mom told my dad to ask the meaning of my rainbow color fingerless gloves. I know rainbow symbolizes gay pride, that was the point, I'm just not ready to tell my family I'm bi. Anywhoddle I had an awesome Christmas and right now I'm watching clue. Stay beautiful, keep it ugly:D merry fucking Christmas.


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Merry Christmas my lovelys!!!!! I got a rainbow unicorn pillow pet!!!! I actually genuinely love unicorns!!!!!!!! HIS name is Sparkles Razzle Dazzle Rainbow l'fleur! Does anyone else watch gaysoftheweek?

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lets start a lyric chain!!!!!!

When I was, a young boy, my father, took me into the city, to see a marching band:)

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she likes me! but she doesnt want too..but she does

Is stuff always this confusing? I told one of my good friends about the mixed signals I was getting and she said she knows something. After much begging and pleading she told me she likes me but doesn't want to but she does...any advice? All is appreciated!

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wrapping paper is a bitch

Is there a tutorial on how to wrap presents? There should be because wrapping is really hard. Today I did absolutely nonthing in school. I painted the entire f-ing day! Yay for murals! What happened to Winston peacock? Those of you who did this writing assignment will know what I'm talking about. I say suicide. I have these huge chocolate cupcakes and I already ate 3. So goooodddd!!! This is so random but oh-fucking-well. Stay strong and never let them take you alive!