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I am bored. Someone send me a message please!! :D

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Why must one of my favorite bands of all time break up? I saw them at the first ever concert I've been to, their music saved my life, yet at the same time, I'm not surprised!! Frank said in an interview that if they were going to break up, they were going to release old music that they never released!! As soon as Conventional Weapons came out, I knew it was the beginning of the end... I wanted to believe that they weren't going to break up, but I had a feeling!! Man!! I love this band so fucking much! And I'm not gonna be able to admire Ray from afar anymore!! Sigh... :(

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To My Beloved, Jeremy! (Haven't posted in a long time!!!)

Plucking on my heart strings,
Making me feel like I’m crazy!
I cannot fathom how you make me feel…
How you can say one thing,
And make my heart flutter so much!
You really have no idea how much I love you!
I don’t want to love you right now,
But the heart wants what the heart wants…
And it wants you!

(Just a random poem I wrote for this guy that I'm madly in love with!! XD)

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Freddie Mercury's Legacy

He's one of my top 5 musicians in the entire universe!!! Did I mention that I was born on the 6th anniversary of the day he passed away?? He was such a brilliant man, and I really look up to him!!! He is one of the reasons I didn't commit suicide... He's one of the reasons why I'm starting a band! I've been listening to his songs since I was able to listen! Tomorrow is his birthday, and I hope everybody that loves Queen comments on this!!! FREDDIE IS OUR MUSICAL SAVIOR!!!

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Norah Jones

Norah Jones really inspires me to sing jazzy music!! I loooove Norah Jones!!

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Fiona Apple

This song almost made me cry... I love this song with all of my heart!! I just remember eating dumplings and just listening to this on my sister's Xbox. It's just that I'm glad that I didn't commit suicide... At that time I was really suicidal. This song made me feel a little better!! I hope you guys like it!! Comment!!

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The Voice :-(

Well... My dad didn't go through in "The Voice"... Oh well! He was just happy that I pushed him to go and audition!! He told me that it was probably because of his style (he sang "What a Wonderful World). I was really sad 'cause I set everything up for his artist profile, but I was not completely crushed!! There are other shows that I can set him up with, so it's okay!!

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The Voice!!!

My dad is trying out for "The Voice" today in New Jersey!!! I'm not there right now, but I've always wanted to go there!! I'm soooooo happy for him!! I really hope he gets into the tv show!!! Do any of you Killjoys have any predictions?? I know my dad's an AWESOME singer!!

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I haven't written a blog in soooooo long!! I'm thinking about going to a My Chem & Blink 182 concert in D.C. or VA!! Where do you guys plan to see them?? It would be cool if you guys comment so that I can see all the variety!!

Oh, and I really miss the old format on this website!! I could see everyone's blog over long periods of time! It was actually really cool when the MCR banner would have a "new" quote each time the page would load... I MISS THE OLD MCR SITE!!!!!

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OMG!!! D.C.!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!! I'm going to My Chem's D.C. concert tomorrow!!! It's all ages, so a 13 year old like me can go!!! My dumbass gym teacher was all like, "I don't think you can go... I've been there a whole bunch of times, and all of them were 21+." I didn't believe that, so I asked my dad if it's all ages, and guess what: IT IS!!!! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!!!

When I found out he got tickets (yesterday), I screamed so loud that I'm surprised that the police didn't come and think someone was being murdered!!! I'm more than happy, I'M ELATED!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD