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Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

In two more days, it will be the greatest day on Earth. It should be Kurt D. Cobain's 44th birthday!!! If any Nirvana fans are out there in the deserts reading this, message me sharing your love with this master-mind. This vid above is Nirvana playing "The Man Who Sold The World" on Unplugged.

PLZ have fun blasting this on your computer. Happy B-day big guy!!!

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Happy Birthday Billie Joe!

Today, I'm proudly to say that today is National Cabbage Day!!! Fuck that, today is Green Day's lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong's birthday. If you don't know how old this guitar god age is, I slap you and tell you its his 39th year. To me, he looks like 29-years-old!!!! I love him to bits and hope he still rocks on with his band. Also hoping he has a great b-day too. Message Music Junkie saying happy b-day and if you like Green Day!!!!

"Punk's dead, and I fucking killed him."~Billie Joe

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Valentine's Day

Happy V-Day Killjoys! Yes, it's another day for stores to have an excuse from buying shit. I some-what hate this day. I'm always alone and bored on this "holiday". Seeing others fall in love and rub it in my face! God it sucks being me. But today, I found the brightside of this day. I was forgiving a friend that I was fighting, for a reason I forgot. We forgave each other and he told me that he likes me!!!! I have my head in the clouds and told he I love him too. He wants my number and I keep telling him that we need to know each other more. What do you think crashqueens? I gave him my number and a letter saying how and why we love each other. We live miles apart, but my love brings him closer to me! Oh how love can mess your head. Music Junkie, signing off *blows kisses*

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Suckers Love Frerard

Everyone knows Frerard righ? I feel sucha sucker for searching some on Google and Yahoo!, I'm getting sick of it. Any got links to good Frerard one-shots???


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LeATHERMOUTH vs. Pencey Prep

Last week, I finally found the courage to look up LeATHERMOUTH, a band that Frank as a side project on. Few weeks even before that, I learn to love Pencey Prep(yes, another band that Frankie was in). I know that Pencey is dusted and gone but, LeATHERMOUTH is what I'm looking for now, espically "5th Period Massacre"..... can't decide!!!!God,if you're real, HELP ME!!!!!Let the music find your way through the sand and dirt back home.Be careful though of Zone 1, hearing extra boarder partol by the "bugs". Music Junkie signing off. *Static comes and fades away*

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I'm Going,I'm Going!!!!

So last week,I was talking with my dad and at out of the blue,he was talking about his friend (who also downloads my music).He told me that he's friends with the owner of The Rave.So he was thinking on getting me tickets to My Chemical Romance!I'm cheering and shouting in my head. I told him that two of my friends might come too.So the dude who owns The Rave that he wants four tickets to see ''My Cousin Ronnie'' on April 13th!!!Which also has to be four days after Gerard's birthday,so I'm gonna scream Happy B-day to him.YYYAAAAYYYY

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Message from the Zone

Greetings Killjoys around the world, this is your announcer gurl Music Junkie just informing this is not a farewell to you because of BL/ind new invention. We have heard that many fallen soilders have die, well shall saulte them for their brave work for keeping Battery City's Zones safe. WE WILL KILL THE DRACS IF ITS THE LAST THING WE DO. If one of those Killjoys was your friend, take My Chemical Romance. (Please read past post to read directions to take). This is Muisc Junkie signing off by the words of Gerard Way; Don't take anyones shit...never let them take you alive

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Who The Fuck R They

So earlier today, I was up north celebrating X-mas with my dad's side of the family. I got kick ass presents like 3 Nirvana tees, Kindle, 4 CDs (I got ''Bullets'') and a Three Days Grace movie!!!! So it was awesome I guess. While we were drive up to Wis. Dell, me and my sis and dad were listening to Danger Days. My dad made a joke saying that the band's name is ''My Cousin Ralph''. It started when I was wearing a braclet saying MCR. And the nickname is staring to piss me of!!!! And when we started going back to Milwaukee (my hometown- whoop whoop), he said ''When is their good song comin on?'' And it was playing 'Vampires will never hurt you''!!! And also, ''Do I know any of their songs on the radio...Oh so they're not that good to play on the radio huh!!!'' I know he's joking but, it starting to get old. But its than ''Blue Night (Greenday!!!!). Tell me if your prents made fun of your band(s).

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Finally!!!!! In the past year, I finally got this stupid account. FUCK YOU COMPUTER!!!!!