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I'm Your Zer0; Frerard

Yes Frerard lovers around the deserted world. It's finally first Frerard fanfiction! It took me a few days to write and tonight I JUST finished typing it out. Glad I done!!! So please click on the link above and read. If you have a devianART account, please leave a comment. It's my first and sorry if its crappy :'(. Please injoy!!!!

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My Love of Frerard

This is a video of Frerard. Yes, that once forgotten love story of the greatest guys in the world; Gerard and Frank. I really like this video. Its sweet and very fluffy, sorry no X-rated stuff for today. Please enjoy this video as much as I did. Remeber motor babes, love is love no matter what sex. <3 <3 <3

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Fan Fiction Time!!!

I'm thinking of starting a fanfic. Now before you tell me what your Killjoy name is and everything, let me tell what kind of story I'm gonna write. The VERY ancient Frerard story. Yes I know the story is old and the bous aren't doing that shit again *sigh*, but I got some ideas outta old stories! It's called "I'm Your Zer0". Yes, "zero" is spelled wrong *giggles*. I think it goes like this, Gerard goes to a Smashing Pumpkins concert and meets Frank. They rock out and Frank wants to be with Gee (I know, love at first sight *sighs gracely*). He gets "kicked-out" of Ray's house and stays with Gerard.....What you guys think??? Please give me a review on this.

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Quiz I Found


SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD? Bulletproof Heart

GUILTY PLEASURE? Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, 3 oh!3




BEST YOUTUBE VIDEO? thecomputernerd01's "Tik Tok" lmfao

SOCKS? knee-high or ankle???

LAST HUG? Friend Corrina


INSPIRATION? Green Day (Billie Joe), MCR (Gerard Way), Never Shout Never (Chris Drew), and Sex Pistols (Jonny Rotten). Love them all!!!

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Hush 1

See this photo beside this??? Any guesses on what it is and who's it by? I'll give you guys a minute to get a good idea..... No idea?! Well, this artwork is called ''Hush 1''. And the artist *drumroll*, by Lyn-z Way!!! Yes, the beautiful bassist from Mindless Self Indulgence. This is also my profile pic for some of my other memberships like Three Days Grace (music junkie) and myTwitter account (MCRjunkie1). Check out her other work on !!!!

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So yesterday just right afterschool, I got the greatest news ever on the fuckin planet. I'm getting Three Days Grace tickets on for their April 5th show (see old post about this)!!!! AND also if that can't get any better....I'm also getting MCR tickets for the 13th!!!! Surprisingly, each show is 4 days either before or after Gerard b-day. CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT......wait, yes I can like a good girl! *taps foot impatiently, looks at fake watch*....HURRY UP!!!!! Thos will be my first My Chem and 3DG shows. If any fans out there are reading and going to Milwaukee, see you at the show ;). Any haters or Dracs, watch out for your asses cuz I'll bet the living shit out of ya XD.

P.S. If anyone has already went to a MCR show, can you guys give me any pointers on my Killjoy outfit??? Its hard to explain to a mom on what a Killjoy is. My colors are red,black, and white..thxs x)

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Happy Birthday Bert!!

Yes, another Feburary birthday. Great!!! But its just not anyone's birthday (no its not Gerard's)!!!! It's the one and only, Bert McCracken's B-day!!! Today, he turn that wonderful number 29. To me, he looks like 21 ^...^!!!!! I just wanna give a birthday shout-out to him and all his fans. Wait till your 30 Berty.....YUMMY!!!

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LeATHERMOUTH's Obess with Tacos???

Is it just me or does Frank yelled "We need a taco, a fuckin taco!"???? Some parts of the song if you listen carefuly, you can actually hear it XD. I just notice 2 weeks sgo on this. Message back if you hear this funny lyric....

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Three Days Grace Alert

So last night, I was searching up future shows at The Rave. I came across 3dg coming to Milwaukee! I screamed in happiness and seeing killjoy colors. I ALMOST went to see them back last June in this rock festival but, they played at 8 or 10 at night!!!! Its kinda dangerous in Downtown Milwaukee. So me and my sister didn't go! But also, on the 13th of April (3dg plays on the 5th), MCR plays. Let's hope I can go to both shows. I already have tickets for MCR from a friend. Please God, HELP ME!!!!!

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